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Year 3/4 PE - Hockey ideas?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by eastern_promise1, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Mmm, I'm struggling to find any SoW for hockey. Can anyone point me in the direction on the net? Or even better, any planning you may have done - sorry to be so cheeky. I'm NQT, first time I will be teaching hockey is next term. Any ideas or help would be much appreciated. Ta. :)
  2. Mmm, I'm struggling to find any SoW for hockey. Can anyone point me in the direction on the net? Or even better, any planning you may have done - sorry to be so cheeky. I'm NQT, first time I will be teaching hockey is next term. Any ideas or help would be much appreciated. Ta. :)
  3. Post ur email address and I 'll email you a coaching pack I downloaded from somewhere - can't rememeber where now!!! (will have to be in a couple of hours though as I'm off out).

  4. Here'a lesson to be going on with ... You'll need to adapt it for yr 3/4.


    Hockey skills. Yr 5/6 class, 24 children. 28.11.00

    Learning Objectives:
    how to adjust stick and body position for different skills
    how to pass and receive the ball on the run
    how best to carry out a set of instructions as a team.

    One hockey stick and ball per child. 24 marker cones, coloured bibs.

    Start of Lesson

    During warm up, a couple of children?those without kit, ideally?get the hockey sticks out and lay them in a line, roughly according to size. Also sort out hockey balls.

    Warm Up
    Stretching exercises. Then, give every child a marker cone. Ask them (when you have finished speaking) to find a partner and stand next to them in a space in the netball court. Place cones on floor roughly 60cm apart, then watch for signal.
    On signal, children return to indicated place. Remind them about which stick to take, according to height. Children collect stick and ball each. Talk about how to hold stick. Children stand in space on court.
    On signal, begin to dribble ball in and out of cones. How many goals can you score in 40 seconds? Talk about controlling the ball by pushing rather than hitting. Another go? can you beat your score. Give them 45 seconds (but let them think it?s 40!)

    Main Teaching
    Tell children to pick up stick and ball and come to designated line. Praise good behaviour. Remove stick and ball from any miscreants.
    Ask children to get into threes. Each three then find another three. Each six needs only two balls so put, not throw, the rest into bag.
    Each six get a cone per person. Tell children that they?ll have a set of instructions to follow and that you?ll be watching to see how well they follow them. Set cones out in straight line across playground, so that each team has a line of cones to dribble through.
    Dribbling relay. Second person goes when first one has reached end cone. Stop when all have been and demonstrate good practice?pushing ball, not hitting it, keeping ball at side. Repeat relay. Teach again, this time how high to have hands on stick, how to turn using short steps. Repeat relay.
    Demonstrate how to pass and receive ball.
    Relay again, but remove last couple of cones; incoming dribbler passes ball to next player. Do this twice.
    Tell children to split each six up into two equal ability teams of three. Set up three small sided games on netball court. No goalies, small goals. Tell them that one blast on the whistle will mean stop and listen; two blasts will mean go to goalmouth you are defending.

    Let the games evolve?children will sort out rules. Stop and discuss ? what happens if ball goes off etc.

    Rotate teams around every two or three minutes.

    Stop teams. Tell them that each three is responsible for bringing their equipment over to designated place, and that they will have two minutes to arrange it as neatly as possible. Discuss learning objectives, then decide whose presentation is neatest.
    Put all equipment away?designated jobs. The rest do stretches.

  5. I used various sources to put together a 5 part lesson plan on hockey. Post your address if you would like it.
  6. Hi All,

    Ta for the responses, some good ideas and starting points to get me planning. My email is: eastern_promise1@yahoo.co.uk

    Thanks once again :)
  7. FAO Forest100

    Would it be possible for you to send me a copy of the hockey resource you mentioned. It would be much appreciated!!!


  8. FAO eastern_promise1
    I've got a scheme of work (4 individual lesson plans) for hockey that I designed and taught to my Y4 class in the Autumn Term. It teaches the children the basics of hockey (dribbling, passing shooting, knowledge of the rules) and then finishes off with a mini-tournament in which the children can demonstrate the skills they have learnt over the previous few weeks.
    Let me know if you want a copy.
  9. polaroidandroid

    polaroidandroid New commenter

  10. please help me too. I'm starting this topic after Easter and don't quite know here to start with planning it. Has anyone got anything that i could look at? Please. I'm an NQT that has never played / taught hockey before.


    thanks in advance
  11. hi im an NQT and my first PE is hockey for a yr 4 class. could i be cheecky and ask you to send me a copy of your scheme of work pls
    my email add is lizziebradley@hotmail.com
    thank you
    best wishes
  12. Is anone using Year Four LCP that they could send to me please? I'll be using LCP in my school, but the Year Four units have been lost and nobody knows where they are!
    Thanks in anticipation of your help!
    pasta (dot) lover (at) live (dot) co (dot) uk
  13. I realise you wote this a long time ago but I was wondering whether you still had the hockey info? If so please could I have a copy? My email is samtownes@hotmail.co.uk. Thank you
  14. Im in the same boat as everyone else (teaching year 3, im an nqt) . It would be a great help if anyone could send me any plans for hockey asap. Thankyou
  15. I'd love a copy too if it's not too much trouble. I'm an NQT & a bit lost with where to even start looking!!
    Thank you :)
  16. Hi there, I have never taught hockey before and need to teach it to Year 4 (starting this week). Would it be possible to send me the scheme of work please? Would be really grateful.
    Email is russellbloch@hotmail.com


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