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Year 3/4 Maths interview lesson, help!!!

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by perryman123, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Hi, I've just been offered an interview in a brilliant school on Wednesday and as the teaching part I've got to teach a number based lesson to a mixed year 3/4 class. As an objective I was thinking of primarily going for: Problem solving a. make connections in mathematics and appreciate the need to use numerical skills and knowledge when solving problems in other parts of the mathematics curriculum I was thinking of going down the line of football scores as they seemed to be quite in to football when I looked around the school and I know that the Olympics was a big focus for the school. To address differentiation and the ability range that there will be I was going to do problem solving, that there had been a match with 5 goals scored what could the different scores me and can anyone notice a pattern. Does everyone think that will be enough to impress a panel? Will the lesson content be enough to stretch the MA year 4 children? Any help or alternative ideas would be really appreciated as I am having a right panic! Thanks!!
  2. The best way to impress an interview panel:
    1. Engage and enthuse the children.
    2. Progress - difficult to show in an interview lesson with a group of children you don't know but they will be looking to see how/where you have pitched the lesson in line with learning expectations for the age range they are asking to you to teach for and thinking about your knowledge of the school. I have tended to err towards mixed ability groups/or mixed ability pair work at an interview lesson but explain how I could differentiate an activity on the lesson plan I provide or afterwards at the interview.
    3. Variety - Have you shown different methods of learning. Solo work, pair talk, group work? If you are using a carpet session - make sure all the children are working and engaged not just one child answering a question on a board (and then link this to assessments you are making whilst teaching - you can then talk about this at the interview later).
    4. Pace
    I don't think it is the done thing to comment on people's individual ideas nor to post your ideas on a public forum as other people could use them - not saying they will but you never know!
  3. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Bobby Carrot is quite correct about not commenting too much or giving too much help on a public forum. Years ago I did used to 'help where I could', but then Head and interviewers can read this forum and see these may not be your own ideas (and won't even know the 'original' idea came from you as we use 'Usernames').
    My advice is to 'go with something you're confident with, possibly tweaking something that's worked well in the past. Theo recommends a book called 'Pimp Your Lesson' which is really good for checking you've addressed the criteria for a good lesson.
    Best of luck with it!
  4. Thanks for the help and support
  5. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    And make sure that you read the thread on lessons:
    * * * * * Teaching a lesson at interview * * * * *
    Well done on getting that interview - we look forward to reading of your success in a brand-new thread called Dear Theo - i got that job!
    N.B. I shall not visit this thread again to answer a new question, so you will need to start a new one with any further questions. This makes sure that other posters know exactly what the questions are that are answered inside the thread.
    And if you want me to answer, then put Dear Theo in the title!
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