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Year 3/4 Class. How to plan and differentiate?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by SoniaMaudslay, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. SoniaMaudslay

    SoniaMaudslay New commenter

    From September I will be coming out of my comfort zone as I am taking on the role of year 3/4 teacher. I am really excited about my new role but I am aware there are differences to look for when you teach a mixed class. What things should I be differentiating when I do my planning? Also, I've looked for the topics regarding the subjects and some are common to the two year groups but others are completely different. How should I teach a topic in literacy that is for year 3's if I've got year 4s in there as well? Any tips and advice are very much appreciated. Thank you for your help in advanced!
  2. I teach year 4/5. We teach through a creative curriculum so I ust differentiate that by what I know the kids need, can do etc just the same way you would normally with a straight year group. For maths I tend to teach year 5 topics but just differentiate down and make sure we cover everything so some times we may do year 4 topics if they aren't covered in year 5 too.

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