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Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by newmum08, May 1, 2008.

  1. we had a literacy consultant that did a visual literacy lesson in 30 mins...if you want more details, let me know...this only works if your confident with using the IWB and a DVD
  2. J3n


    Congrats on the interview, try not to panic and get too stressed.
    You could maybe do a thinking skills exercise, the children love it and it can be done in 30 minutes. If you want any more information, give me a shout on


  3. ORB


    If you could let me know what she did, it is always nice to have other ideas, I have read the thread about "the magic box" lesson but I am afraid other candidates will do the same.

    I haven't been teaching since I had my son, I just want to do it right!
  4. haj


    don't worry about not knowing the childen's name you will simply have to subtely point or describe the person who you pick to answer a question etc. Ihad my teaching part to interview today.I was very stressed when strated but after that was fine.

    I don't really know what kind of activity you could do? I did an activity round acting out parts of animal kennings, my lesson had to be 35 mins....but I don't know how well it went and won't know till Tuesday as my interview is on Tuesday.

    If you decide on an idea then post on here and will behappy to help

  5. ORB


    Hi haj

    Thanks for the advice. I have to do the lesson and five minutes later I have the formal interview. Does this mean that they don't have many candidates? It is just one day for all candidates.
  6. ORB


    Thank you newmum. I have decided to settle for "The Sound Collector", I cannot chance somebody doing "the magic box" before me as all candidates are teaching literacy. They haven't told me how many children will be in the class, they can be 30 or they can be 15 so I just have to think different. I know that music is a big part of the school so I may ask for a small selection of instruments to perform the poem...

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