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Year 2 timetable

Discussion in 'Primary' started by nikki f, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Hi. I am new to Year 2 this year and was wondering if anyone had an example of their timetable that they could send me. Thanks
  2. Hi. I am new to Year 2 this year and was wondering if anyone had an example of their timetable that they could send me. Thanks
  3. You can have a look at mine if you want.Send me your email address.
  4. I'm new to Year 2 and struggling with my timetable. I was also interested in how many times Yr2 teachers hear their children read, in groups or 1:1. Can anyone help?

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    I will
    be in the same position in September and am trying to plan my timetable. Just wondered if you had found any further
    information out regarding this - I was thinking of doing the guided reading in
    groups over a few days, so that each group did this once a week. I was also aiming for the children to read a
    couple of individual pages to someone, once a week (having alternate groups, so
    that they were not always with a TA).

    I don't have much experience teaching spelling and wondered how much time is
    allocated to spelling alone, and how many words per week is the usual amount to
    give children. I have just ordered a
    book on this which may give me a bit more insight, but would be grateful if
    anyone had any info on this, or could let me see a copy of their timetable, so
    that I can check I have allocated enough time for everything.

    Many thanks
  6. fruit_bat

    fruit_bat New commenter

    I am finding it really difficult to fit everything in. I am particularly stuggling with 2 lessons of PE. One is done as part of my PPA and then I should teach another outdoor lesson but with everything else its hard to fit it all in!! I need extra hours in the day.
  7. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Remember if you teach a topic based curriculum, you probably won't need a separate history or geography slot because you'll be covering it in literacy. This can give you a little more time.

    Also ensure you don't end up spending too much time on literacy lessons, I know that sounds mad. However Handwriting, GR, Spelling, Phonics are all part of literacy, so they don't always need their own slot on top of the literacy hour. Try cutting your literacy hour to 40 mins and adding spelling into phonics to give you some more time.

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