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Year 2 timetable SPaG, Phonics, etc

Discussion in 'Primary' started by PenguinSmall, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. PenguinSmall

    PenguinSmall New commenter

    Any lovely year 2 teacher willing to share their timetable to squeeze everything in!
    I have in mind the SPaG SATs and at the moment I feel I'm not giving my class the amount of time needed to learn everything they need to know.
    At the moment I do Guided Reading every day for 30 mins first thing in the morning followed by literacy. We have a comprehension lesson, and 3 literacy lessons where I try to put a SPAG focus in but it is not a discrete lesson.
    I try to do phonics as 12:05-12:25 after maths but I always find my maths over running and phonics doesn't get the time it deserves either.
    So, any suggestions?
    Many thanks
  2. linre

    linre New commenter

    I know how you feel! After looking at the new assessments again we have lots to do and so little time!

    Our day generally runs:

    8.40 - kids in reflection time
    8.50 - maths
    9.45 - writing ....often withSPAG mixed in
    10.40 assembly followed by playtime
    11.15 guided reading (our lowers still go to a RWI group)
    11.45 Spelling (RWI spelling prog)
    12.15 lunch

    Afternoons are one subject ict/geog/p.e etc
  3. Studyzonetv

    Studyzonetv Occasional commenter


    I wasn't going to post initially as I didn't feel my resources were as relevant to Key Stage 1 SPaG, but after going on a course today and hearing more about the high pitch of your test, I will. I have developed almost 100 really short, animated videos that teach the majority of the grammar curriculum. It starts really basic (what is a sentence etc.) and goes right up to tough key stage 2 concepts, such as the subjunctive.

    It may be a useful resource. Regarding fitting things in, one way I use these videos is for early work. All the children have access to the resources so they're able to review key concepts in those little pockets of time (I know they're few and far between).

    [This comment/section has been removed for breaching our Community Guidelines/Terms and conditions]

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 8, 2016
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  4. PenguinSmall

    PenguinSmall New commenter

    Thank you very much. I will take a look in the morning. Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

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