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Year 2 teaching phonics/spelling

Discussion in 'Primary' started by nfoxen, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. nfoxen

    nfoxen New commenter

    Help/advice needed!
    I’ve taught Year 2 for 6 years out of my 9 teaching years and this time every year and throughout the year I have a constant fear/dread of teaching phonics/spelling as I don’t think I’m doing it the right way. It worries me that much,along the with other doubts, that I’m not a good teacher.
    We have a year group of 60 in 2 classes and have a phonics/spelling time of 20 minutes first thing every day. We split into 4 ability based groups(2 teachers and 2 TAs).
    We don’t follow a specific programme as our abilities are so ranging but obviously work to cover all we need to.
    I would gratefully appreciate some examples of what others do or advice as it makes me dread school ( pathetic I know) but am determined to sort it
  2. markhorsey

    markhorsey New commenter

    Been teaching in year 2 for past 6 years and we used to group our children similar to how you currently do

    For phonics we have split it up into 3 section 5 minutes on each

    Speed spell (recap phase 5 spelling rules - 1 a day (children will have been exposed to these in year 1)

    yr2 common exception words (2-4 day we split the common exception words into terms)

    Spelling rules for year 2

    Then throughout week get children to
    Spot mistakes in sentences
    Write dictated sentences
    Write own sentences
    All based on words they have been learningin the week

    We try and differentiate throughout groups to tailor to their needs. To be honest I’ve felt the same over last few years feel could always do this teaching better but come to conclusion children expected to spell too many words. They don’t use them often enough in every day writing so don’t retain the spelling of them
  3. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Change your mindset.
    There is no right way.
    There are a million ways to teach phonics/spelling.
    If you were doing it 'wrong' the SATs results would have flagged it up long before now.
    So you must be doing it right.

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