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Year 2 SAT's

Discussion in 'Primary' started by School Boy Error, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. School Boy Error

    School Boy Error Occasional commenter

    I work in a Junior school so have no idea about these but get the general feeling on here that people know what the task is and teach to it for all of the spring term? Is that correct?!
  2. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    Well, I know it will have some maths, so I would teach that for all of the spring term, and there will be some reading too, so I'd probably teach that as well, and probably just a little bit of writing to go alongside

  3. Yes, they can teach the genre and need to leave 2 weeks between teaching the genre and letting the children do the writing.
    Not much point in asking children in Y2 to write something they have no idea about - and it's teacher assessment anyway, which means the writing test forms a small part of the overall judgement.
  4. One week. Lots of threads re this going back many years - have a search. It's just one part of the assessment process of course and can be moderated up/down by teacher assessment.
  5. Sorry, faulty memory [​IMG]
  6. slippeddisc

    slippeddisc New commenter

    Some schools do really over teach topics for the KS1 SATs as they know the topics.
    Others are much more sensible and realise the SATs are not the end of the world and that teaching is much more important than testing!
  7. Actually, with some of mine, I could teach stuff they need on the DAY and they still wouldn't get it! [​IMG]

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