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Year 2 Sats help

Discussion in 'Primary' started by snoqualmie, May 18, 2011.

  1. Please help! This year, one of my Year 2 colleagues (3 form entry) has chosen to use a different Writing Task (which is fine!). I've never done the 2009 and am using the 2007. Maybe I've just not read the booklet properly, but I'm concerned that the other class were able to plan their writing the day before the test, not under test conditions. I'm doing the story and riddle and have administered the writing 'cold' after carefully not teaching anything linked to the genres more than a week before the test.
    I know it sounds selfish but I feel like a tad like one of our children that it's 'not fair' that another class get to plan the writing ahead of time. They are planning how to write a report for Nocturnal Animals a day before the task. Is that correct?
    Sorry if I'm just being a muppet!
  2. Please excuse the errors, it's been a long week already!
  3. Yes, we let them plan the Night-Time report the day before.
    We talk about the topic beforehand and read a few books together.
    We give the support suggested in the guidance booklet - planning 3/4 sections using mind-map or similar.
    We don't let them discuss their planning and we don't give any support for notes they want to write at the planning stage.
    I hope that is helpful!
  4. Thanks. Just wanted to hear from someone who has already completed the tasks! Such a different set-up from the 2007. How did you find it - better or worse when it came to marks/ levels? (Taking notes for next year....)

  5. We avoid 2007 as the children find the writing task so difficult.

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