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Year 2 role play for light and dark and colour

Discussion in 'Primary' started by stressed84, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Im having a brain freeze-my topic in septmeber is called 'colour magic' involing colour, light and dark but I can not think of a role play area for this topic. I have a mixed Year 1/2 class. does anybody have any ideas? Please pretty please.
  2. ballerina

    ballerina New commenter

    I did a 'dark area' last year. blackout it all out completed and left torches and shadow puppets inside - they had coloured acertate, glow in the dark pens, stars etc,Then changed it later to toy animals and masks for nocturnal animals etc. They really enjoyed it. it was going to be a cave but the children helped develop it and that's where it went!
  3. Thank you thats a good idea- my brain is just frozen with a lack of ideas!!
  4. I have also done a dark corner and my class loved it. Lots of fairy lights, torches, glow in the dark stars etc.
    If your topic is colour magic could you possibly do something along this theme but call it 'in the wizard's box' or similar and have some dressing up things in there.
    Sorry it's not a fully formed idea but my brain tends to work in this slightly irratic way. Will probably think of some more later!
  5. Both fantastic ideas thank you. I like the wizard box idea. any other ideas :)
  6. Our science coordinater bought some plastic balls that light up when you touch both sides of them. You can also hold hands in a circle and make them light up. These might be good for a 'magic box'. I think they were from YPO or TTS.
    Just googled it and you can also buy light up and glow in the dark wands that could be good.
    You could also put some dark boxes in there with different materials to put over the hole (to let in more light) and have different coloured objects 'hiding' in there. Chn need to experiement with how much light they need to see the different colours.
    Choose the best material to make the wizzards cloak, either a cloak to keep him hidden or a reflective one to keep him safe on a dark night.
    Maybe glow in the dark pens to write secret magic spells and curcuit equipment for chn to experiment with to light up the wizzards box.
    Last year I changed my light and dark role play to Bonfire night a week before, chn really engaged with this and we got some lovely poetry from it.

    Sorry I'm rambling now. Told you my brain was irratic!

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