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Year 2 Reading Comprehension Questions

Discussion in 'Primary' started by rosieandjim, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. rosieandjim

    rosieandjim New commenter

    Would be really grateful for any helpful suggestions regarding guided reading questions. I have a guided reading session of approx 1 and a quarter hours each with my year 2/3 class. I have sorted out a carousel of activities for them to do. One group will read to me, then do comprehension, then phonics activity and another task based on spellings. My top group are mostly free readers and l do not have pre prepared comprehension queestions for them. Another teacher has suggested that l try to think of a bank of pretty much generic questions that l could ask them to answer each week. Eg what is your favourite charcter and why ? If l could build up a selection of questions l could ask them to choose 3 each week to answer, however l am struggling to think of good questions and don't know where to look for inspiration. I know that l shold probably be very good and write a comprehension each week but l am really struggling with the requirements of our timetable at the moment. Help would be really appreciated. Thank you.
  2. This link will give you a range of reading activities linked to the AFs for Y2 or Y3 - scroll down to find the links. You could use these with your more able as they are not scheme based.
    Also look on Primary Resources - there are some great reading activities on there.
    If you use ORT or other schemes there are lots of comprehensions for the different stages which might be useful for your other children
    Look in their English section - Other Resources for more ideas too
    Hope this helps.
  3. rosieandjim

    rosieandjim New commenter

    Thank you both very much for your helpful suggestions. I found some great stuff and l am really grateful.


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