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Year 2 Numeracy Intervention

Discussion in 'Primary' started by geordiebabe, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Both my partner in crime and I are new to year 2, also have mixed Y1/2 classes and are looking for a numeracy intervention pack that will help us boast our lovelies up to the expected 2b!!!! However we will have to buy the package ourselves, as school is in the red!!!! wondering if any of you kind folk out there know of anything that is really effective for two knackered year 1/2 teachers. Looked at wave 3 stuff but so boring! Max's marvellous maths is aimed at Year1's. Have tried to find out about maths magic but with little success! HELP[​IMG]
  2. lovely

    lovely Occasional commenter

    Hi there
    Im a year 2 teacher and this is what i do...
    I have a group of 6 children who are a 1a at the moment - my TA takes them out of assembly twice a week and follows a programme that I wrote with another teacher. This concentrates on recognsing numbers on the 100 square quickly, then ordering them on a number line (place value link). It will then follow onto the four operations. It has been successful so far. What i would suggest is that you look at your assessment system and see what it is the children have to achieve to move up to the next level and base your intervention around that.
    For your P levels/1c children - they need intervention every day - 5/10 minutes practicing number bonds to ten, counting etc....
  3. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

  4. Adacus is fantastic if you hav some money to spend.
  5. lovely

    lovely Occasional commenter

    queelit...that resource is fantastic..thanks very much [​IMG]
  6. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

    I find it very useful as it shows what the children can and can't do and has lots of resources to help them to catch up.
  7. . . . enough to have one! ( A bit too quick with the clicking) Hope you find it useful. I was put on to it by one of our county maths advisors.
  8. Many thanks to everyone... have looked at assessment but unfortunetly the Y2's had a really rotten year last year... reg teacher off sick and lots of supplies and different teaching methods.. they have missed out so many basics...now left to me and partner in crime to sort out.. bit of a headache asd we have no TA's!! and no money but typical teachers we don't mind spending a little of our own money if it saves us some time to spend with family!!!
  9. DFC

    DFC New commenter

  10. Hi, I don't know if you have seen 'overcoming barriers in mathematics' from dcsf- there is one to get from level2 to 3 and one for level 3 to 4, but on a recent course we were shown the NEW one which is level 1 to 2. So just to say keep checking, I have just looked and its not on the website yet but worth checking back in a few weeks and ordering it then, it might be just what you want!
    or just google overcoming barriers
    ps they say they are for older children not achieveing but they seem good for the 'right' agegroup too.

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