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Year 2 New Curriculum: Topics or Discrete Subjects?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by strawberryfields4eva, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. strawberryfields4eva

    strawberryfields4eva New commenter


    I am in my second year of teaching Year 2 and am currently trying to finalise a long term plan and sort planning, resources and displays. Although we did not teach to the new curriculum in literacy or maths due to the SATs assessments, we did plan foundation subjects to the new curriculum (history, geography, science, art, DT, ICT).

    My issue is that I planned themed topics which were usually driven by one are such as history or geography etc, however, it was very difficult to fit all these topics in and some ended up rushed. I am wondering now whether to plan themed topics again but refine them or to teach history, geography, science units etc separately throughout the week.

    Any helpful ideas or advice would be appreciated. Does anybody have a long term plan for Year 2 that worked well and wouldn't mind sharing?

    Thanks in advance. xx
  2. Hi I teach a mixed aged class of yr1/2/3. The school follows a topic based curriculum which we buy into. I find that covering subjects using the same topic works best. I cover 3 topics a term, where one is heavily based on science, one on geography and one on history. However, I do cover other subjects within these for example our topic when we go back is the big build and focuses on science-materials and geography- local area but I will also do 4 sessions of DT, ICT, Art and music. I think I am going to do the subject sessions in 1 week. So do all the art then all the DT etc. Hope this helps.

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