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Year 2 Moderation

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Feathermac1, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Im looking for some guidance as we are getting moderated after the SAT's for reading and writing and I'd like to hear from somebody who has gone through this before. I've never gone through it and nobody in the school has either. Please help! What should we have ready, is there a contents page anyone has used that worked well? Any ideas would be great, thanks in advance[​IMG]
  2. roise

    roise New commenter

    Hi I have been moderated a few years back in year two and my school was moderate once before that when I was in Reception. Both times were different it does depend on who you get. Generally though they looked at all the assessment data I had on the class and at three children in particular from the top middle and bottom. They looked literacy and numeracy books and reading records. I was observed teaching, (who knows why?) and I had to read with a child and then level them in front of the moderator, in retrospect this was a bit dodgy but I went along with it. I had a sheet that I used for each child to level them for science and speaking and listening made from the NC descriptors that I highlighted and coded to indicate evidence. I had also been using past papers to assess at the end of each half term for reading and maths and had been levelling writing at the end of each half term as well. The moderation went well although she said I was a little harsh in my judgements. I am glad I was moderated because when KS2, as they do made, comments about levels I was able to say that I had been moderated and found to be thorough and if anything not generous enough. Hope that helps.
  3. Hi, I expect it is different in each LEA but when I was moderated for reading, writing and maths last year: For writing and maths I was asked for evidence from 3 children at particular levels (basically HA, MA, LA) and asked to highlight the pages showing evidence of particular things (ie linking to APP /school leveling descriptions etc... ) and a pen profile of the child. The moderators looked at the books and then went through them at a 'pre moderation' meeting that I attended with many other teachers from different schools in the area (who also looked at and peer moderated my books). The moderators gave me pointers ie: agreed/disagreed with my levels and told me if I was off the mark or if there was evidence missing etc... They booked an official moderation at my school where they asked to also see my reading evidence (at this point they were happy so only asked for 3 different children's books for writing /maths however I suspect if there were any discrepancies they would ask for more). They were lovely and it was a very useful experience, although it was a little extra work getting the books ready. The moderation team told me at all points of the process what they wanted to see and gave me adequate time to prepare. HTH
  4. Hi,
    I was moderated last year and have become a moderator this year.
    My LEA moderate writing for everyone and either reading or maths. You are notified in advance which subject you are being moderated in but if there is time than you may be asked for some example of the second priority subject. They will ask which tasks and tests you plan to adminster and how you collect evidence away from testing (i.e APP)
    For our LEA you have an out of school session (normally a morning) at which you meet your moderator, fill in some paper work and have a look at samples of writing. Then you have a day for the moderator to visit your school, typically if you are one or two form entry this takes a morning and 3 form entry takes the whole day.
    You will be asked how you moderate within your school and, if you are more than one form entry how you moderate between the classes. Most moderators will not pour over loads of books, they will either asked for a sample of children that are either on a level boundary 1a/2c or 2a/3c or more likely than that they will actually ask to see a group of children doing a maths or guided reading activity.(again not scary, last year we provide children with a set of four number cards and collected loads of evidence just from working with those cards!)
    Most moderators are still teacher, they understand that children have their 'off days' when it comes to SATs or on the actual moderation day.
    The moderation process is not there to be scary and judgemental! It is there to help support your practice. Saying that when we were moderated last year we were terrified, but our moderator was lovely and the process involved alot of tea, biscuits and professional dialogue.

    I hope that is of some help :)

  5. Something I found useful when moderated last year was to type a page up relating to each child we would be moderating (Lit/Num). It focussed (focused?) my mind, refreshed what I already knew, I was able to gather together all my evidence and work through the levels for that child and think about how I knew they were L3, 2A etc etc. Also next steps - what the gaps were.
    Moderators were friendly and informative. In fact, we also took a child we were unsure of in reading (1a or 2c) and used the time to decide exactly where we felt she was.
    If you think of it as a two way dialogue and use it in that fashion it goes down really well. They are checking you a) know your levels b) know your children.
    My LA also offered a session explaining exactly what they needed - check if yours does to.
  6. I have been through the moderation process many times now and am a moderator for my LA too and have always found the process useful, regardless of whether I am being moderated or moderating. There may be slight variation between LAs but essentially the moderators are looking to see whether you are accurate in your judgements about levels in reading, writing and maths.
    You will be asked to provide evidence about how you made these judgements to show you know the difference between a 2c and a 2b or a 2a and a 3c etc. Most teachers take books, tracking sheets, APP sheets, data analysis, test papers, TA observations, annotated planning etc and usually the moderators will look through the evidence, asking questions about what they see.
    Many teachers enjoy the opportunity to dicuss what they are doing and, whilst there is a serious purpose to the moderation as the judgments regarding levels need to be consistent, the discussions are often more about sharing good practise and reassuring you that you are doing the right thing.

  7. I think it does vary from LA to LA. This year I am am being moderated and the expectations have changed for this year - I have to select 6 children for each level - a high 3, 3c, 2a, 2b, 2c and a level 1 and it is expected that these children will be these levels across a 3 subjects! If they are not then I have to select additional children. The moderator will then decide at random which children she looks at! I hope it is not as scary as it sounds!
  8. a high 3? I only give a couple a 3c at most!
  9. rainbowdrop86

    rainbowdrop86 New commenter

    I'm also being moderated this year as a new yr2 teacher. I'm so scared! I've only read the info quickly and sillily left the info at school but what I can remember they will want to see either a maths or guided reading session. I'm to choose 6 children in the class, 2 lower 2 middle 2 upper and from that they will choose 3 to focus on. I'm so scared about evidence etc. I use app for writing, reading, numeracy, science and speaking and listening. I have my guided reading observation sheets, which are simply tick sheets against app objectives. Is this everything I need? Is it enough? Should I know exactly where abouts in numeracy books evidence is etc?
  10. Tell me about it! I will have lots of 3c's to choose from but a high 3 would normally be a tall order. Luckily this year I have a child who is currently pushing a 3a, but that is unusual and the deputy who has been teaching for 17 years remarked that she has never seen a child in year 2 who can write so well! Going to use him and see what they have to say!
  11. must have a brainy bunch to have lots of 3Cs! Only have ever had a few max at ks1 - all sorts of conversion issues ensue if had lots of 3s in my school and real big focus on progress and conversion rates at mo.
  12. I think it makes a huge difference if you are in an Infant or Primary school. In an Infant it is all about getting the Year 2's to level 3, but when in a Primary the pressure for Year 2 does not seem to be there as much as they know they then have to get them to a level 6. We do generally get a good third of the class to a level 3 each year and we moderate those with our Juniors so that they are happy with those levels. Ofsted came recently and said that our attainment was only good though and not outstanding!
  13. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I had to produce evidence for Maths English and Science and show maths and writing being used across the curriculum not just subject specific work.
  14. I'm being moderated too for the first time and am stressed to say the least! I think I'm more worried about Reading evidence. As I read with the groups myself each week, I know whether they are meeting objectives etc so I will tick rather than write comments as I know which questions I have asked and that I am happy with my judgements. My comments are more to do with AF1 as I tick for AF2/3 etc. I'm now worried though that I'm not going to have the evidence for the moderators. What evidence are they looking for in Reading? Do they want actual responses from the children written down?
  15. rainbowdrop86

    rainbowdrop86 New commenter

    That's all I have. I have some of their own gr activities which I suppose I could cross reference to af's but otherwise I only have ticks
  16. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    i have a few notes on my GR that say things like 'could name x n/f feature' but don't write down what they say. i also took some reading records and any mock sats the kids had done. they said it was all fine.

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