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Year 2, Mass lesson.

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by lancsHOD, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. lancsHOD

    lancsHOD New commenter

    You may find posting in primary is better as a lot of people in 'Maths' are secondary and aren't that familar with Y2 lesson planning.
    To be able to read scales on a measuring scale.
    Reading a ruler, thermometer, measuring jug or weighing scales would all satisfy this if I understand it correctly.
    Having some grocery items that have different mass may be useful.
  2. I agree that Primary trained would be in a better position to advise. However in terms of differentiation I would say that the main problem for most scales is that not every mark has numbers and the challenge for many students is working out how much each 'mark' is worth. Scales which go up in differing amounts as opposed to differnt styles which always graduate in (say) 10's would provide a greater challenge
  3. Ok, your objective is "reading values from a measuring scale". What kind of outcomes would you be expecting from such a lesson? Because definitions vary between teachers, I mean what would you expect your pupils to now know, understand or be able to do as a result of the lesson? I think familiarisation with weight is a good idea, but might not be the best context for this lesson because of limited equipment. Also, at the moment I'm not sure how your starter fits in to this (or perhaps you don't want it to).

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