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Year 2 Literacy Final Narrative Unit

Discussion in 'Primary' started by rosiedog, May 25, 2008.

  1. our topic for this half term is the seaside so i am using the Lighthouse keeper books. Used this last year and got lots from it. Lots of work on character and setting, listened to seaside sounds, smells from the seaside, what we would see.
  2. I'm not doing it for a few weeks, but thought I might do George's Marvellous Medicine.
  3. Well, I started this today and I've picked The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl. We spent a while looking at the covers of the book and predicting what will happen. We also talked about Dahl being a popular author and I asked the children to think of other authors that they enjoy reading the books of.

    After discussion I read the first five pages of the book. We talked about the development of characters and recorded adjectives used to describe the setting, main character, the notsobig one (the little croc) and the children (as described by the two characters).

    For the independent activity, the children re-read the pages (in mixed ability pairs) and took on the roles of the two characters, developing a short conversation similiar to that found in the book. This worked fantastically and the children got really into the acting. We're going to continue tomorrow with further improvisations of the characters and then I will read a little more of the story.

    Not sure where it's going after that. Anyone used this book in their significant author / extended stories planning?
  4. Sorry to dig up such an old thread but have spent last two days trawling for help with Narrative unit 4, Year 2.
    Had decided, after a trip to the library, to go with Roald Dahl. But can't decide which book to focus on in lesson? Should I read a different book at the end of the day or the same one?
    And big question - how do I encourage children to plan an extended story when the most I usually get is 2/3 of a page.
    What is 'an extended piece'?
    Any help, suggestions, planning, ideas gratefully recieved!
  5. The Owl Who was afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson is the text focused upon during this unit in our school. It is available in an abridged picture book version, great for lower ability and SEN and a paperback version for more confident readers. We took some of our ideas for the planning from the Scholastic Read and respond teacher book to accompany this text which is a great timesaver as it has lots of ideas of lesson plans and photocopiables in it too!
    The children read the text and spend time looking at character development, viewpoint and story structure. There are lots of opporunties for sentence, grammatical and punctuation work too. Once we finished the text the children go on to plan and write their own story using a very similar structure and write a story 'The Duck who was afraid of the water' and more able children plan for their own choice of animal with a fear. Jill Tomlinson has a whole range of books on this same theme so this idea could be adapted even further.
    It is a lovely story that Year 2 children can relate to and can draw on their own experiences too. If your Literacy is also linked to other curriclum areas then this links with Light and Dark, Habitats, Animals etc in Science as well as themes within PSHE. We also found that this text offers fantastic opportunities for display work.
    Hope this helps! I know what it is like to be faced with the limited amount of information for some of these units on the framework site. The exemplified ones were easier to plan from :)
  6. Thanks for your detailed reply but already covered that book when preparing for SAT's!
    Was hoping to focus on Roald Dahl
  7. Half way through this unit and I am using 'The Magic Finger' by Roald Dahl. Planning is being adapted from Hamilton Trust. The children love it.
  8. I am currently trying to plan this topic for after half term. I am trying to choose books related to our school topic of India, and wondered if anyone had any suggestions, or books that would be related to the topic..

  9. hi not sure if this will be of any help but I have used a wonderful book with my Year 1's in our light and dark topic titled. Milo and the Magical Stones.
    It has so much potential.

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