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Year 2 lesson observation

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Vanadesse, May 6, 2012.

  1. Vanadesse

    Vanadesse New commenter

    I've got an interview this week where I have to teach a Year 2 class. I was wondering if there was anyone with experience teaching Year 2 who might be willing to look over my lesson plan for me?
  2. Lisa_R

    Lisa_R New commenter

    Hiya, teaching year 2 for 2 years now. ill happily have a look. xxx
  3. I'm in a similar boat - may I send my ideas too please? It would be much appreciated as am between 2 ideas at the moment.
    Sootz :eek:)
  4. redx11

    redx11 New commenter

    Very experienced year 2 teacher so if you need another opinion feel free to message me. Also experienced in student observations.

    Good luck

  5. helskie26

    helskie26 New commenter

    Sootz- I will happily have a look for you
    Send me a message on here
  6. Vanadesse

    Vanadesse New commenter

    Thanks to you all for all your help, it really is appreciated!
  7. Thanks for your help - I got the job today! :eek:)

    Vanadesse, I hope you go on well too :eek:) x
  8. Vanadesse

    Vanadesse New commenter

    You had better luck than me then, well done!

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