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Year 2 how much play/role play/free choice?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by treespirit, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I am just about to go into Year 2, a year that I have had very little experience in. I just wondered if anyone could share how they organise their timetable to include play/role play/free choice? It would be great to get as many different interpretations as possible, or even a planning template if possible.
    Many thanks x
  2. Free choice and play? Half an hour on a Friday afternoon if they have earnt it (golden time).
  3. I allow my Year 2s some free play, usually if they have worked really hard in a session I give them 10 minutes of free play in an afternoon. I did this more at the beginning of the year and less towards the Summer term as they prepare for ks2.

    I used to give them free play if they finished their work but I found that some children rushed their work so they could get on to playing.

    I do include some lessons where they are given a choice of learning activities though and they respond well to still having a choice but they know they have to choose one of the activities out that will help them to learn. This sometimes includes role play (I have a role play area linked to our topic) or speaking and listening games, other times they are maths activities. You just have to watch out because some children always choose the same thing (eg computers) and it makes it difficult for others to have a chance to use that activity.

    Hope that helps
  4. do many year 2 classroom have home corner? this year our year 2 class in school decided to invest in role play furnitures. is there a new guidline to say year 2s should be less formal then before.
  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I thinksome schools assumed they would need them with the proposed Primary Curriculum ... then it was scrapped
  6. Ditto. If children finish tasks 'early ' in a lesson they usually get extension work. However, I have put together a box of maths games (free from BEAM education) and there is a writing corner and computer activities. They absolutely love the games (just simple laminated sheets A3 with counters, dice etc) and it has been marvellous for their sharing as well as their maths. They also have 'busy books' which they can write in, draw in as they wish. Been very useful for writing assessment as it's undirected free work.
    'Free' choice can work to your advantage if you prepare a little.
    Golden time on Friday for us is when the lego, dolls, dressing up comes up. Not otherwise.
  7. What do your early finishers do?

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