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Year 2 Familiar Settings New School

Discussion in 'Primary' started by rosieandjim, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. rosieandjim

    rosieandjim New commenter

    I have a couple of new children who have joined my class at the last minute and as part of the year 2 familiar settings literacy unit l would like to read some books about starting a new school. As we are a Year 2 class some of the books that l have found seem more relevant to year R and l would be really grateful for any good suggestions. I found some really good planning on here that mentioned a text called "In a Crowded Playground", but have searched and searched and cannot find it.
    Thank You
  2. Hi
    I think that may be a short story in a text book - maybe 100 literacy framework lessons. I can't find it at the mo but I have it somwhere.
  3. rosieandjim

    rosieandjim New commenter

    Thank you looking.

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