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Year 2 Explanation Texts

Discussion in 'Primary' started by imogensf, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. I'm after help please! I totally hated teaching this topic last year, mainly due to the fact I didn't have very good resources and I don't think I taught it particularly well. Has anyone covered this yet this year or last? If so could you point me in the right direction please. I'm using Hamilton Planning as a starting point, but I don't really like their planning for this topic either!

    Thanks a lot.

  2. AlongForTheRide

    AlongForTheRide New commenter

    Our topic was very animal related so we looked at dvd and video clips of some animals and also at information books. Then we orally explained why animals did some of the things they did, or why they lived in certain places, had particular features, etc. before we wrote explanations about them.
    I have the plans on memory stick somewhere if animals sound any good to you. If not, what's your topic this term?

  3. Oooh, that would be awesome, our Science topic is Plants and Animals in the Local Environment.

    My email address is imogen@gmail.com. Thanks so much for your help.

    Hoping this thread doesn't get pulled, was a numpty and reported abuse instead of replying!

  4. <font face="Times New Roman" size="3">That sounds really good. Can I be cheeky and ask for a copy too.</font>

    <font face="Times New Roman" size="3">:)</font>

    <font face="Times New Roman" size="3">Susan</font>
  5. AlongForTheRide

    AlongForTheRide New commenter

    I've just read through my planning and thought it doesn't sound as interesting on paper as it seemed to be when I was teaching it. What's not mentioned on it is the big tv screen cut out we had which we used as often as possible to sit behind and pretend to be animal reporters, interviewers, the animal giving their view,etc. Myself and my TA also pretended to be 'know it alls' and 'report' things in the wrong way or get facts slightly wrong so that the children could share the knowledge they had gained. They loved putting us right!

    I've sent my plans to you anyway so I hope you find something of use in them.

  6. Any chance of a copy of these plans too. Covering variation in science at the moment and this would fit in great.


    Thanks in advance
  7. jumping on the bandwagon please

  8. Hi
    Would be greatful for the plans too as I have a mixed class of year 1/2 and their topics in science don't suit this type of work.

  9. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    this one i found based o merkats...and im sur eyou could find material on then
    or this?
  10. It sounds really fun! I'd be really grateful to see a copy too please.
    Thanks in advance... lizziebrewin@yahoo.com
  11. Elfreda6969

    Elfreda6969 New commenter

    I found this text type really difficult at first. Initially I did Why is Florence Nightingale famous? and electrical circuits.
    I did a revision unit and then used the work in science on plants and animals. I used the story of Jack and the beanstalk and asked the children to write an explanations about magic beans - it worked really well. They did flow charts, labelled diagrams and so on.

    This year I may do construction toys - ie give children a construction toy and get them to write a booklet on how it shovels dirt etc/moves etc

    The most difficult thing I found was finding the accessible texts for models. Many of the texts I found did NOT have the key language features that the framework says they should have. Argh!
    I found that using a more fiction based approach made it more accesible for children who may not have all the technical language for the choosen subject matter.
  12. RaggyBull

    RaggyBull New commenter

  13. Our children found this unit so difficult we decided to concentrate on information texts, instructions and reports. Worked well for us and as framework isn't statuatory we don't worry about it. Year 3 4 5 6 tecahers all happy about it too.
  14. Hi. I know this posting was from ages ago but was trawling through internet desperately looking for inspiration. I am a student about to start block placement in a year 2 class. I need to plan a unit on explanations and our topic is amazing animals.

    If you still have it, I would be really grateful for a copy of your plans, they sound great.

    If you see this, my e-mail is lisa.treasure1@googlemail.com

    Thanks just in case, regards Lisa

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