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Year 2 estimating lesson

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by afterdark, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. afterdark

    afterdark Lead commenter

    I'm secondary but I'll have a wild stab...
    have picture of children's party.
    How many are people are there?
    More than 5?
    Less than 10?
    more than 100?
    then I am planning a party at home for nephew or niece
    how many invites do I need?
    20, 200 or 2000?

    Marbles [or any colourful and countable items] in a jar.
    Ask the children to estimate and then count them out.
    Is there enough for one each?

    That type of thing?
  2. Bright year 2's - and I mean bright - might be able to estimate the cost of say 5 or 10 items that cost £1.99 / £4.99 each as it is near £2 / £5.
    Estimate as in - what do you think it is near? Make a rough guess using what you know.
    There are 28 sweets in 1 tube. Approximately how many in 5 tubes?
    I need 18 bricks to build a wall.What about 5 walls?
    That might prove interesting - if they can understand that estimate does not need exactly.
    Then they could practically see how close they were.

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