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year 2 division-the right way to teach it?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by vinorose, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. ok so for example


    do you teach it by sharing 10 into 2 groups

    or do you divide the 10 into groups of 2.

    not sure which way to do it!
  2. ok so for example


    do you teach it by sharing 10 into 2 groups

    or do you divide the 10 into groups of 2.

    not sure which way to do it!
  3. Hi
    Im pondering over the same thing. I take it your teaching block e? The new strategy suggests to do it by finding how many lots of 2 are in ten- but as my class will be seeing the division sign for the first time i would like to introduce it to them as sharing but im not sure if this is correct?
    Ill be really interested to hear replies
  4. i also use the framwork and saw that that present it as grouping and not sharing.

    for me my gut feeling is that my kids would find it easier to share ie 10/2- share 10 amongst 2 people. it seems alot more trickier the other way tp share into groups of 2 then count how many groups of 2 there are.

    what about you? -surely we just use the method that our kids are going to remember.
  5. depends on the context, e.g. are you 'sharing' 10 sweets between 2 children OR making 'groups of' two sweets : : : : :
  6. They need to be able to do both. In order to lead onto methods of division later in the school the children need to be able to group for division rather than sharing out (eg chunking). To calculate fractions they will need to share.
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  7. I think in the first instance I am going to teach it by sharing. However the framework suggest to teach it by repeated subtraction on a numberline.(ahhh!)
  8. nmason

    nmason New commenter

    I found that mine really got the hang of repeated subtraction. 10 / 2 is 10 put into groups of 2. This method then ties in nicely with chunking further up the school. We were told by our LEA to use sharing in year 1 and grouping in Year 2. I didn't actually mention sharing as I feel that covering both methods near each other confuses the children. Mine were really happy about using numberlines, whether that helps I don't know.
  9. Until they've got the idea of sharing multilink out between the right number of paper plates (or whatever else...) I can't see them being ready for repeated subtraction on a number line... (That's where I'm HOPING to go with my brighter ones once they understand what dividing MEANS... :-o

    Division is NOT a rip-roaring success with mine yet - had to stop today's lesson early for an emergency plenary as all but a handful were trying to solve 10 divided by two by drawing ten groups and putting 2 in each group... sigh!

    C x
  10. There's not really much difference if you are doing it practically. You can get them making pairs of socks, groups of children etc. Taking 2 multilinks at a time etc. Lots of practical should prepare them for numberlines.
  11. nmason

    nmason New commenter

    Obviously I didn't mean that you teach numberlines straight away. That was once they had got the idea of division and used lots of apparatus. I found plastic cups were useful, as well as unifix.
  12. sketchersabc

    sketchersabc New commenter

    I think that you should teach division by the technical meaning of repeated subtraction. This will lead to either chunking or long division. The sharing aspect is wrong unless you are doing fractions but that is not division and so you can totally confuse the child. If you teach them to draw the number of items and circle the groups it is very easy for them to learn. They can use number lines later as a faster method. The sharing totally confused the kids in grade 3. In older grade they can understand why the answer is the same due to commutative properties of multiplication. We all know that 3 groups of 4 looks very different than 4 groups of 3 so division should be taught as to what it really represents. Fractions are sharing, division is not.
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  13. mature_maths_trainee

    mature_maths_trainee New commenter

    As others have said, it's good to DEMONSTRATE division using a wide range of methods. You can then teach them to USE just one or two of your (or their) preferred methods.
    An extremely important method - that for some reason seems unpopular in lower school is - simply Reverse Multiplication. i.e. just understand or learn that 10 divided by 2 is just a re-arrangement of their 2x (or 5x) table. i.e. 2 x ? = 10.
    This method has the huge advantage that it directly re-enforces / extends their learning of the simple times tables (no other method does this), and allows more children to get correct answers to division problems 'quickly'.

    Division itself is a multi-faceted and non-trivial concept. It takes *years* for any child to master and understand it to its full. Let children develop their understanding steadily and slowly (by varying demonstrations), but also allow them early, repeated *success* so that they don't come to 'fear' the word division. Emphasising that Division is simply 'reverse' multiplication is a critical technique (and is the method that everyone from KS2 onwards actually uses).

    MMT (Secondary Maths teacher, but working in Primary too)
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  14. MonMothma

    MonMothma Lead commenter

    Wow - this thread is 11 years old :) How did you find it?
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  15. modgepodge

    modgepodge Established commenter

    A) I totally disagree. All maths training I've ever attended has emphasised the importance of teaching both grouping and sharing structures. If you only ever teach grouping, and then they are asked to share 10 sweets people they won't know what to do. Both are important.

    B) as the y2s originally discussed in this thread are now taking their a levels, I doubt the original poster is particularly interested!
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