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year 2 creative curriculum or topics

Discussion in 'Primary' started by nikki f, May 2, 2009.

  1. If the offer is still open, I would really appreciate a copy too. Going creative in September and still a bit confused!
  2. If still available would it be possible to send me a copy. My school is going Creative in September.


  3. Have requested a copy of plans but not recieved anything:(
    If anybody has any creative curriculum ideas for year 2 I would much appreciate it. I have vowed to be more creative next year, including blocking some foundation subjects but when I sat down to map everything out it didn't feel very creative!
    Thanks in advance to any who can help.

  4. Hello Tracey,
    I have just been looking at the TES site and would also like a copy of your creative/topic planning. Especially medium and short term. We are a 1 form entry school so I have no-one to work with. Hope you can help.
    Thanks Jenny
    e-mail jenny_arnold_54@hotmail.com
  5. May I ask for a copy too, please.
  6. Hi Tracey
    We are also working on a more creative curriculum from Autumn and would appreciate a copy of your plan.
  7. Hi

    Trying to research creative curriculum online can't find much at the min if possible would love to see a copy of the plans! Feel very cheeky but if you wouldn't mind my email is gingajane84@hotmail.com thanks very much hope to hear from you soon x
  8. JT77

    JT77 New commenter

    I would really appreciate a copy of these plans...although I suspect I may be too late! If they are still available my e-mail address is jillthistle@hotmail.com.
    Many thanks.
  9. Hi there
    Would it be possible to have a copy of these plans too?
    Thanking you in advance
  10. schlairtay

    schlairtay New commenter

    hi i'm also new to the creative curriculum so if its poss could i be cheeky and ask for a copy too??

  11. Hi
    I am also starting creative curriculum. I would be very grateful for a copy too.
  12. Hi Millie dog,
    If you still have a copy of your, 'Our wonderful world' planning, could you please forward it to me. I have been trying to trace it for weeks! I agree the pirate topic is great.
  13. Hi,
    I'm just starting with 'creative curriculum' next term (Year 2) and have decided to do Pirates. I would be so grateful for any plans.
    many thanks

    also, which other topics do you do?
    Do you have any good (fiction) books to recommend about pirates. The only one I can think of is Peter Pan.
  14. The Night Pirates
  15. Hi,
    Could you possibly send me any planning for Y2. We are also going to try 'creative curriculum' next term and I have to come up with ideas fro 6 topics.
    Many thanks!!
  16. Hey!
    We're a lead school in the county in terms of the creative curriculum. This year in year 2 we've done "I'm the King of the Castle", "Native Americans" and "The Time Machine" - all subjects are taught thematically (apart from RE which tends to be taught discretely).
    Next year i'm going to start the year doing Dragons and can't wait!
  17. ackom

    ackom New commenter

    <h5>Hi Langs15,</h5>Wondered if I could get a copy of 'Our wonderful world' and 'pirates' planning you mentioned. Just starting to look at getting creative!!

  18. Hi,
    Im an NQT starting next week and wondered if you had any planning you could share or if I could get some ideas. We're doing great fire of London and noticed you've done it.

    Many thanks, any help would be great - susan.mcintyre@hotmail.co.uk

    thanks x
  19. I am an NQT also, starting in October with Year Two. Any ideas/plans for this year group would be very helpful! :)


    thanks x

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