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year 2 creative curriculum or topics

Discussion in 'Primary' started by nikki f, May 2, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    Next year we are looking to introduce topic work/creative curriculum. Has anyone got a list of ideas they use for year 2 and any copies of medium term or long term planning they can send me please.
  2. Hi,
    Next year we are looking to introduce topic work/creative curriculum. Has anyone got a list of ideas they use for year 2 and any copies of medium term or long term planning they can send me please.
  3. We are a PYP school so my plans won't be that good for you but here are our topics.
    We also have 6 science days a year so we can fit any other bits in then.

    Healthy bodies (exercise/ healthy eating/ drugs etc/PSE
    Whatever the weather (we cover some materials when making a house to survive wind and rain)
    The Living World (We cover all the Sc 2 objectives in this topic)
    Around the world- World Geography focus
    Celebrations- Re focus (some history and music)
    Art Attack (we do this around SATS as they really enjoy it) Art and DT focus

    We look at KS1 as a whole so we know we are covering all the objectives within the key stage

    Year 1 is
    Sounds Around (sound science objectives/music)
    Toys ( Electricity-they make a merry go round using a motor and light up a clown's nose, pushes and pulls with toy cars/toy bikes/scooters etc) History
    Grand designs (lots of dt/art/ history objectives)
    Our School (pse focus at the beginning of year)
    Location, Location, Location- Geography focusing on the local area.
    Rubbish- about recycling-PSE focus
    Hope this helps you, it is a great way to work
  4. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    We do similar things - our wonderful world, happy and healthy.
    But our favourite and most popular is pirates! boys love it!!
  5. Hi Nikki
    We have half termly themes-- if u send me your email I will send you a copy of our long term plan.
  6. hi Tracey
    i wonder if you could help me too. our school are moving on to creative curriculum topic planning in september, I am in y2 and would love some ideas of topics to do and examples of medium/topic plans to start from as at the moment I feel completely lost (not to mention stressed as we were Ofsteded this week)
  7. We too are trying to move to a more creative curriculum, the Y6 teacher and I, Y2, are going to try it next year and hope our experiences will enable us to convince the rest of the staff!
    Would love to see what others have done and topics planned, anybody! Many Thanks!
  8. Hi tracey
    Could I have a copy of plans too please - working on creativity at the moment. e-mail: sazdaniali@aol.com
    Thanks in advance
  9. Hi Tracey,
    Could I have a copy too please, moving to creative curriculum.
  10. I'm also in Year 2 and we've gone to a more creative curriculum this year.
    Autumn Term - Great Fire of London
    Spring Term - Tanzania (hated the Mexico topic and had a great contact in Tanzania. From photos and information I created a terms topic based on this, quite a lot of work but very doable)
    Summer Term - The Seaside
    We've done so many fun things this year through the creative curriculum, for example:
    Making some basic buildings and burning them down (my head was a little dubious at first but the children got so much out of it)
    Fire poems, pictures, collage, ICT
    Tanzanian art, letter writing, non fiction writing about African animals, trip to London Zoo
    Deep sea creatures, junk modelling, making puppets and performing shows, going to Brighton

    There's other stuff we've done as well but got a memory freeze at mo. We did topic webs to start with and then built on them, it's been awesome and I'm really looking forward to doing the same topics again next year.
  11. Hi Tracy,

    Was wondering if I could have a look at your plans too. Due an OFSTED in Autumn term and really want to be more creative - have oppertunities for play in my Year 2 class.
  12. farming_girl

    farming_girl New commenter

  13. haj


    I would really appreciate a look at the plans as we have been discussing creative curriculum recently in staff meetings and I am concerned about how you would set it out on medium term and shorter term plans.My email address is ramona85@hotmail.co.uk

    many thanks
  14. If they are still circulating I would love to see them too :)


    Thanks and good luck!
  15. Hi Tracey
    Any chance you could send me a copy of your long term plans
  16. Hi Tracey.
    I'm changing to year 2 in september and we are planning to introduce a creative curriculum. Could i please have a copy of your plan and theme ideas.
    My email address is hel79@hotmail.com
  17. A copy would be fantsastic to mull over in preparation for Sept. Many thanks,


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