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Year 2 classroom from scratch!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lillipad, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    My year 2 classroom has been totally gutted for redecoration, all furniture is out, new trays going in and all sorts. So excited!

    However, I do wish to start again with 'decoration' if that makes sense- things like number lines, alphabets, etc etc. What would you recommend to include in your year 2 classroom? Or anything people have found useful! Have been teaching year 2 for 3 years and would like to try some new things!
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Oh, how wonderful, where to start?
    On a course I was told to put non-distracting info. alongside the whiteboard/interactive so your numberlines, Wow words, Connective jigsaw pieces, Subject vocabulary info etc. could go here as well as regular classroom data such as classlists, jobs etc.
    Then I like a 'working wall' with ongoing info as we move on in a topic. Most important is a celebration board of 'good student's work' -effort as well as achievement.

  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I would definitely separate out literacy and numeracy on displays. Wherever you have it, make sure it is large enough for children to read from all parts of the room.

    I will have a few connective spiders (and, but, so) as too many will mean they are overwhelming and so not used. I will also have a few punctuation raindrops (full stop, comma, question mark). VCOP is new in our school as a teaching scheme. I am planning on just having 'ly' words as sentence starters, with examples from children's work for the first half term and then 'ing' in the second. Very few of any of these, but laminated and moveable to use them on the whiteboard as well as have them on display.

    For maths my new class decorated squares for a hundred square on transition morning. Each is laminated and will be on display. I intend to swap round a few numbers each day for children to put back as and when. I haven't decided about numberlines on display yet, might have them on table tops instead. Other than that maths will be relevant to the topic being studied only. Very little generic maths on display.

    Hopefully everything else will be a mix of vocabulary, LOs and children's work.

    New trays? Think really carefully what your class usually use them for. If it is a dumping ground for tat, then consider losing them entirely. Also consider totally rearranging your room, you might be surprised by the space generated.
  4. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    I have a designated small board for Numeracy, but never sure what to put on it as it's so changeable. I might do a little generic signs and words which link to them, like words for add, words for subtract etc, then once we've done a little Numeracy work, put kids work on display with it.

    I like the idea of doing hundred squares, but what do you mean minnie that you plan to swap a few numbers around? How do you do that? Is it a blank hundred square? or one that is already filled in?

    I wanted to put up some word banks for them, I already plan to have HF words on a wall, but I wanted to put up examples of adjectives and connectives and stuff, but I don't want to overwhelm them as sometimes I think I can be a bit guilty of doing, so thought i'd build them up slowly as the year goes on.
  5. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    On my maths board I have an A4 poster for each operation and equals sign with various words that mean the same thing. That is all that stays all year, everything else is only up for a week at most.

    My hundred square is made from 100 little squares each decorated individually and laminated individually. So all numbers are freely moveable. The odd numbers all have a yellow them and the even numbers a red theme. Each individual number will be blu-tacked on to a background large square. Does that make sense?

    Although word banks can be good, be careful that you don't have too many words. More than 5-10 words and there are too many for children to focus on, so it just becomes background and pointless. Are you having all 100 HFW? Or more? Just choose a few trickier ones that they do use regularly in their work and have those, ideally at child head height.

    For connectives, just have a few (and use them and focus on them constantly) and change each half term or similar. For adjectives I just wait until a child comes up with a really good use of one and then put the whole sentence up with the adjective highlighted in some way.
  6. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    Aha yes loving that idea! I may well borrow that. Then you could put up different activities whenever you felt like it, like find all the odd numbers, what numbers are missing, find an odd number between 14 and 22 and they could write it on a little whiteboard underneath.

    Fab idea. Yeah I won't put up all the HF words, in my experience they rarely use them when there's hundreds of them! Will put up the ones they use the most but get wrong first, then replace them as they appear in pupils work.

    So excited!
  7. I am changing Year groups in September but taught Year 2 for the last 4 years. My favourite display was my VCOP one. I used a coloured coded system for each area and used the same colour whiteboard marker during modelled/shared writing. For example I displayed connectives in blue jigsaw pieces and wrote connectives in blue pen. We also used actions for each area of VCOP and used these when we read through our writing. I stapled folders to the display that contained helpmats for the children to take to their desks. Here is a link to the display I used.

  8. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    What a lovely bright classroom you have Farrier. I'm not so lucky, don't have much space or display room! But it is very nice to look at what other people have done!
  9. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Well I'm moving to year 2 from year 6 in Sept for the first time and I found them useful.

    I've sent a link of the VCOP display to our lit co-ord, hope you don't mind.
  10. Yes, of course Minniemix, that's fine. It's a public group so anyone can have a look!
  11. Sorry-but i quote "why do we always have to start from Scratch? why cant we start from Nuzzle?".My sons favourite tv programme!
  12. Your classroom is amazing Farrier, I was wondering where you get the lovely lettering for the titles of your displays eg the animal print lettering etc? Thanks
  13. I have a colleague who has these and they are good. I have found them in TTS catalogue at £8 but as I want 6, I shan't be investing! If anyone finds a cheap source of anything similar, it would be good to know! I'm fed up of pencils falling or being shaken out of the holes in cutlery drainers!!!
  14. Hi, I was just wondering where you got your 'best tidy uppers' etc posters from. thank you

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