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Year 2 class assembly on vehicles - oh crumbs.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by anon3518, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. So that dreaded time of year (well for me anyway) has come. Signed up for a slot and lo and behold when I looked up what topic we're doing it is Vehicles! Non-chron in English, forces in science and big topic of DT - making vehicles.
    However, for the life of me can't think of an assembly to do based around these - anyone got any ideas?
    Joy of Sunday evenings!
  2. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    The first thought that comes to my mind is that you could do something about the emergency services - including the lifeboats so that you can have a good range of vehicles.
    You could first talk about how each of the services are there to help us.
    How a 999 call is made - and why hoax calls shouldn't be made!
    You could then describe how each of these services have vehicles that have been adapted to help the different organisations help us with examples of rescues etc where the vehicle has been very important. The children could draw their own diagrams to help explain the features.
    A very grand finale would be to have a fire engine, ambulance or police car arrive on the playground for the children to look at!

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