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Year 2 books to inspire narrative writing

Discussion in 'Primary' started by PenguinSmall, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. PenguinSmall

    PenguinSmall New commenter

    Dear All,
    I was wondering what fiction books you use in year 2 to inspire writing.
    We used Oliver's Vegetables and Oliver's fruit in the Autumn along with the Little Red Hen.
    We then did a big theme of narrative writing using Julia Donaldson's books and it was amazing. My class loved it!
    I'm looking for books that will equally inspired them and fill them with joy!
    Thank you for your ideas! ☺️
  2. teacup71

    teacup71 Occasional commenter

    Look at Alan Peat's book 50 ways to use Cinderella. I think that's what it's called.
  3. indigo987

    indigo987 New commenter

  4. bigwig2404

    bigwig2404 New commenter

    On the way home, The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and Traction Man are all good for Year 2.
  5. Milliemoo13

    Milliemoo13 New commenter

    The day the crayons quit is a good one. X
  6. Lisa_R

    Lisa_R New commenter

    A few of my favourites have been; Into the forest and The tunnel by Anthony Browne, The emperor's egg by Martin Jenkins and Stone girl, bone girl by Laurence Anholt.
  7. PenguinSmall

    PenguinSmall New commenter

    Thank you all!
    Are some of you using Power of Reading? I came across it this weekend but soon realised it's something a whole school must sign up too.
  8. Beckylouise7988

    Beckylouise7988 New commenter

    We've been using How to Train Your Dragon.

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