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Year 12 Literature - new class activity?

Discussion in 'English' started by j_pink, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. j_pink

    j_pink New commenter

    I am starting a new job on Tuesday and have not been sent the schemes of work over the holidays :-(. Has anyone got any ideas what I should do with my Year 12 Lit class on the first day? I have them for two separate lessons on the first day. They are following the AQA spec but that's all I've been told. I didn't even know I'd be teaching A Level - but it's fine! I'm an NQT.
    Thanks all.
  2. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    AQA A or B
    In any case, I'd be doing revision with them. The AS exam is close!
  3. You start Tue and haven't been given any info yet - and you're an NQT? How bad is that?! Did they not even give you any contact numbers so you can try and get hold of a dept member?

    I don't know the AQA spec, but I agree that you need to start revision activities. I'd begin simply by establishing what they have been revising, what they feel secure on, and what they still feel they need more revision on. I'd guess they'll have two novels to write about for an exam at this level, so perhaps work in groups to make posters which map out links or differences (symbols, themes, charactersiation, settings etc)? For poetry, how about giving out blank postcards and asking each pupil to make a summary revision card for one poem (subject, themes, key imagery etc..)

    Good luck - I really do feel for you being dropped in the deep end like this!

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