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Year 12 DTP lesson observation

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by cj3, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. cj3


    I am being observed with Year 12 class on Thursday. I am to introduce the practise task 2 for OCR AS level ICT - DTP (Publisher) - produce a flyer/newsletter, including text flow and mail merge - hardly challenging stuff. So - how to make it challenging, differentiated, interesting and pupil centred???? I need a starter, 2 main activities and a plenary.I plan to get kids to identify charateristics of flyers/newsletters, demo the techniques needed (these pupils haven't used Publisher for 3 years)and then get them to do it, and peer assess the outcomes! Any other ideas? TIA
  2. cj3


    So, any good teaching ideas out there on the topic????
  3. Could you get them to take the role of 'editor'? You could provide several elements of the content as if it had come from the newsletter contributors - complete with errors, incorrectly optimised images etc. Their first task could be to identify those within a very tight work-related time frame, once corrected they could then construct the newsletter.

    Just because it's only worth a few marks doesn't preclude adding extra challenge.

    I'm not saying that this idea as part of one of the activities is exceptionally challenging, but it is trying to add some real-life experience.
  4. BTW does it have to be Publisher? Shouldn't they be selecting their own choice of software?
  5. cj3


    The structured tasks are very prescriptive and yes it does have to be DTP - which at our place is Publisher. We do have OpenOffice too but I don't use it. Just looking for activities to enliven unimaginative task - but time constraints also exist.
  6. I sincerely hope that the Year 12 class have a better grasp on the English language than their teacher, although to be honest cj3's letter is probably just about at the right level for a career in DTP these days. Surely the whole idea of this project is to give the students carte blanche to be totally creative. Have we drummed all creativity out of them? We certainly seem to have very limited creative skills (alongside the poor spelling and sentence structure) of their 'teacher'.
  7. cj3


    Hmmmm Kate - you comment on my use of English but your comprehension of the original post seems to be entirely lacking. Don't waste people's time with your judgmental and totally unhelpful reply - I was asking for ideas to enliven what I acknowledged was a dull task. If you are ignorant about the syllabus (OCR AS level ICT) as you clearly are - then just don't respond. The structured task for DTP has a strict list of requirements which they have to meet - there is little room for creativity - although of course, they are encouraged to be as creative as the task allows. And where do you get the impression that 'we certainly seem to have very limited creative skills' - you seem to have no forum skills - you refer to my poor spelling and sentence structure???? Get a life! It's a forum not an English essay. And where are your creative ideas in response to my request? You sound more like an ignorant parent or pupil than a teacher. And your 'sincere hope that the Year 12 class have a better grasp on the English language than their teacher' just goes to show how out of touch you are. Although interestingly - talking of language, one of the pupils did say '****' and 'p*ss' out loud during the observation. They share your lack of communicative competence, in a different way...but they are young and have that excuse - what's yours?

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