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year 11 timetable

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by elrae, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. We operate a 2 week timetable, with 5 lessons per fortnight
    I have just been given my timetable with all 5 lessons in week 2 ie see the pupils each day for 5 days, then not at all for 9
    I have objected, pointing out that this will be almost impossible for Edexcel unit 3 preparation
    Any ideas...............
  2. What reasons have you given for this timetabling being an obstacle?
  3. Reaons I have given so far -
    1 50% of group EAL or dyslexic - when we are preparing for performance, whether they select scripted or devised, I know that they will be back to square one after 9 days of no practice
    2 If I set homework to learn an extract or work on a scene, there will be no opportunity for those who need help to seek it - lessons 5 consecutive days, homework 4 consecutive evenings
    3 if one pupil is ill for 3 days - this will be 60% of rehearsal time in a fortnight, not just 1 lesson or 2
    I am willing to try it if somebody can suggest solutions to the above, but I struggle to think of how it can facilitate excellence in any subject - the other subjects in the option blocks feel the same
    There are clubs at lunchtimes, so I cannot use that hour during week 1, in fact, there IS no space in week 1
    So......any ideas...?
  4. Firstly, you have no choice in the matter because that's the school timetable. Therefore, you have to stands to your course of action. 1) All the memos etc you have written about it and the reasons you have given for it being a problem need to be printed and filed so that if anything comes back to you when the results for this cohort are worse than SLT expect, you can point to the the timetable issue you raised.2) Given what you have said about the students, you will have o give up lunchtime clubs or after school time to give your students the opportunity to come in and rehearse etc.. Ifthey won't remember with a two week gap, you have to put in some after school provision to assist them. Clubs and productions other than exam should play second fiddle to your exam group/s. And when SLT complain that there is no production, you can blame the timetable for that and make them aware of everything extra you are doing for your exam students.
  5. There's your strength. Get all interested parties together (i.e. HODs of affeceted subjects), agree a joint memo and submit it.
    The system will be abandoned after two years, but some bright spark in SLT will be promoted having notched it on his CV belt of innovation. (And I bet it is a "he").
    There are some advantages though. Use them.
  6. Thanks for the ideas
    Unfortunately, the lunctime commitments are for the pupils, not me, so not much I can do about that
    I have spoken to the other staff involved, and we have submitted a response - though one guy is abroad at present - we have been told that 'tweaking' may be possible
    I await my results on Thursday - if they are good, as I hope, then I have a further argument in favour of regular lessons
    As you say, I may have to accept it, and the groups will be cast according to who can do additional rehearsals on what day.
    The units 1 and 2 will only be affected if a pupil is ill for a week!

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