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Year 11 residential trip - evening activities to keep them entertained

Discussion in 'School trips' started by huliohulio, May 5, 2011.

  1. I'm taking a group of year 11's away in the summer as part of a volunteering scheme to the lake district. They'll spend the week doing general outdoorsy adventure type activities and I need to think of some activities to keep them occupied in the evenings. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou

    J x
  2. Quiz night
    Film night
    video games tournament
    BBQ and outdoor games e.g. rounders/football
    Cousework catch up/revision/help with outstanding homework night

    To be honest, all that they'll really want to do in the evening is hang out, be silly, play with their phones and flirt with each other.
  3. mpc


  4. mpc


    Awards evening for the last night? Mr Clumsy, Little Miss Sunshine etc.
    Talent show if kids are game for a laugh...
  5. Perfect opportunity to do team building type games I would have thought?
    A couple I have done on weekends away with university have been really good fun. (they might be hard to explain, but I'll try)
    1. All students stand in a circle holding hands, two students unlock hands and you place a plastic hoop on one of their arms then they hold hnads again. The aim is to get the hoop around the circle by the students moving through it and passing it around the circle. Make it harder by not allowing talking or gesturing. or split them into teams and compete against eachother.
    2. This one is a tad odd but bear with me. You have 4 teams, sat in 4 corners of a room. In the middle of the room are 4 paris of tights with a satsuma stuffed into one foot of each pair. Each student picks a number, you roll a dice and all the,say, number 4's have to run to the middle, stretch the pair of tights on their head so they sit like a head band. The aim is for them to try and get their opponents tights off their head by swinging them round and pulling them off. the winner is the person who manages to stay with the tights on their head. Sounds VERY strange, but having played it myself, it's very good fun! even without alcohol!
    3. Split students in half and they stand in two lines, facing eachother. You at one end and at the other is a chair with some keys on it. All students stand with their eyes shut and holding hands. You hold the hands of the people at the end of the line and, at the same time, squeeze both students hands. Then, the squeeze needs to get passed up the lines as fast as possible, the person at the other end of the line, once they feel the squeeze, grabs the keys and then puts them back on the chair and goes to the other end of the line (where you are) the aim of the game is to get everyone in the line moved up the line until they get to the first person by passing the squeeze faster than the opponents. the point of the keys is so that there are no disputes about who go there first because even though no one can see, they can all hear the sound of the keeys being picked up!
    I've played more but I think thats enough for now! my fingers are getting repeatative strain injury!
  6. neenmac

    neenmac New commenter

    Thank you, these sound great and very funny, particularly the last one. I will try them with my students on a residential in a couple of weeks.

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