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Year 11 pupils spotted me in a bar

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by bordercollie75, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. I have also posted this else where also sorry I dont know why it has got rid of my paragraphs.
  2. I think you have done the right thing.
    When I did my PGCE the same thing happened to me when I was out drinking in Sheffield with other people from University.
    I didn't say anything, just carried on as normal.
    When I looking back, I think I should have done something.
    I would have felt bad if something bad had happened to them.
  3. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Occasional commenter

    I seem to remember reading a few years ago about a teacher who got sued successfully by a pub landlord who had lost his licence as the teacher was aware of pupils who were underage present in the pub.
  4. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    Ethically, you did the right thing.
    However, as many have discovered and will discover, ethical is not always popular.
    You also did the right thing to alert SLT. Unfortunately, to get to SLT requires a certain dedication to professional development that excludes the joys of city night life (and perhaps a lack of sympathy for colleagues.
    It will all calm down, it's probably not the first time that they've been slung out of somewhere, and may not be the last.
    At what age do teenagers become responsible enough to go out drinking (and the rest of it)unaccompanied? At the end of the day, some / much of the responsibility lies with parents. One of the benefits of rural middle age is that I don't often run into my students when I go to the pub (unless they're working as waitresses).
    Stay cool,
  5. Thanks for all your replies...I'm glad I've reported it now...hopefully on Monday they will have found something else to talk about. Enjoy your weekend.
  6. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    I have done the same when bumping into my students in pubs. I tell the Manager that he has underage drinkers in his bar and leave it up to him to chuck them out.
  7. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    I have also done similar in shops. Once I called in for petrol and when I went to pay the shop assistant was serving one of my yr 9s to cigarettes (and she was in her uniform). I marched the girl back to the counter and demanded he return her money and take the cigarettes back. At first he refused saying he could not give refunds. When I asked him if the police would accept that explanation and took out my mobile he quickly rung up a refund. I then sent the name of the garage into trading standards.

    The Supermarkey (Kwiksave as was) regularly served our kids to cigarettes before and after school. We reported them too, They are a Co-op now and act in a more ethical way!
  8. You put yourself in an environment where such meetings may happen and you have to ensure you understand the possible consequences.
    If you decide that is a decision for you I think thats fine but these happenings are possible. I personally dont but have many good friends I respect who do. Kids will always be in local bars, they have for years and it will only get more popular as kids start looking older younger.
    Hey ho, thats life. I think your post is a little too frantic though.
    Everyone is allowed a social life and as a young teacher I used to enjoy socialising. Drink, local bars, current legal issues on CP and I wouldnt go near it TBH.

  9. Hi this wasn't a local bar this was in the city centre....I just dont expect to see kids in a bar what's miles away from home or in any bar unless there over 18. family pubs on a Sunday yeah ok... the school i'm at is on the other side of city at least £15 in a taxi each way hence why we chose to go into town not expecting to bump into kids.
    "Hey ho, thats life. I think your post is a little too frantic though".
    "current legal issues on CP and I wouldnt go near it TBH"
    not really sure what you mean here?

  10. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    So what you are saying is you would penalise yourself by not going into a bar just in case your students are acting illegally and are in there. That is bizarre! You have a right to be in that bar, they do not!
  11. 1. You have every right to go to a bar in town. I can't believe this is being debated.
    2 This is a child protection issue. You must report the incident to the school CP coordinator ASAP. Kids out at night can be vulnerable in all sorts of ways. If the CP coordinator is one of the disinterested SLT then at least you have fulfilled your responsibilties.
    I ran into a member of my tutor group in the pub once. Not a problem, he was with his dad watching the match on a Sunday afternoon and was not drinking alcohol (that I could see). What left me speechless was the Monday morning question "What were you doing in the pub Sir?"

  12. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    That would be my choice.

    Although remember it can work the other way, I once vouched for some ex-students who'd been ID'd by a landlord i knew. - I didnt spend much that night [​IMG]
    good kids! lol
  13. misscanarian80

    misscanarian80 New commenter

    Oh this made me chuckle! [​IMG]

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