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Year 11 intervention and visit from an examiner?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by lancsHOD, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. lancsHOD

    lancsHOD New commenter

    Have you had examiners in to talk to your Year 11 as part of exam preparation and would you recommend it?
    Do you do Easter revision classses and do you think they make a difference?
  2. I have no experience of the examiners talks but would be interested to hear about that.

    I have taught on an Easter revision class at a local school that has Maths and Computing college status and run the classes as part of their outreach work.

    The classes are aimed at getting pupils from A to A star. Run over two days,90 min workshops, 3 workshops a day, short test at the end of each workshop. Staff drawn from schools taking part, paid by host school. Good feedback from pupils. HTH.
  3. After listening to the lady from edexcel, no not a chance as the mixed messages would baffle the kids further.
    From experience C/D border kids need drip feed constant going over topic basics and gradually get to know what to put down for max marks..they soon forget. I think a longer stint helps them
    It may benefit the higher pupils but IME unless you know who is doing the intervention I MAY avoid further confusion.
    But thats my experience of one examiner
  4. LiamD

    LiamD Occasional commenter

    Don't be too hard on yourself [​IMG]
  5. googolplex

    googolplex Occasional commenter

    I took a bunch of kids to one of those 'revise GCSE and get a C' courses about 7 years ago. Never again. With about 1000 kids there from all over the South East, they never shut up - it was a nightmare - one of the longest days I have spent... the examiners had some useful things to say but it was lost on the kids.
    As HoD I have spent useful time, personally, listening to examiners. That is definitely time well spent - you can get the low-down on how they interpret the syllabus, etc.
    IMO, examiners do the job they do NOT because they happen to be experts at preparing kids for exams. That's <u>my</u> job.
    As regards Easter revision - I think it's all a bit of a gimmick. However, if it gets a few kids revising a bit more, then it might be worthwhile. Some kids openly admit that the only revision they do is the stuff done at school and that they can't revise at home because there are too many distractions. However, if I may state the obvious, you're only going to have a chance of getting through to the kids who turn up and that's all a bit hit-and-miss as regards getting to the ones you really need to see revising.
    This year, I'm not doing an Easter session. However, I'm seriously thinking of doing a May half term session - why, oh why can't our maths exams come before this break?
  6. Oh I used to think it was my fault my lovely kids didnt remember what they had been taught. I then spent a 3 days following one student in the class round school and then realised thats many of the issues were beyond my control [​IMG]
    Ditto the day out
    7 or so hours out of school is IMO better spent with 7 one hour sessions after school going through mistakes, misconceptions and markers 'mindsets'
  7. pencho

    pencho New commenter

    I think getting an examiner is okay to some extent, but potentially feel that money at times could be better spent. Here are just a few of the plans for our departmet for this term.
    - Reduced groups sizes in key groups (due to some students achiveing C in November), Extra teacher brought in also. Average group size now 12 in these key groups
    - Programme of one to one support started,
    - SLT focus on Maths (and English). In other words they will regular visit lessons to ehck how things are going and show a presence.
    - Students to complete at least 1 past paper per week, with staff feeding back list of topics students unsure about. This is tracked. 1 afterschool/1lunchtime opportunity for students to do extra to complete past papers. Staff to use pass papers to determine areas of weakness.
    - 2 x further mock exams (along with English)this term. Students sit Calc paper on one day and Non calc later on in term.
    - Newsletter home to parents to inform of whats go on in maths, what they need for equipment etc... Phonecalls to parents and information passed to Y11 mentors about progress. A meeting is held with students who we are concerned about.
    - 2 days offsite revision with 40 targetted students, workign with teachers from school. This is potentially where I would use an examiner.
    - After Easter, afterschool revision begins on key topics (4 weeks).
    - Further one to one support provided to students on topics they are unsure about, identified from past paper practice.
    - Half term revision (1 or 2 day event) during HALF TERM week (just before exam). upto 8 teachers (paid) to work with targetted students in small groups.

  8. davidmu

    davidmu Occasional commenter

    As an examiner I repeatedly see the same basic errors year after year. My advice to all staff is to read and re-read the reports that follow each examination. These really do clarify common errors, eg 50/0.2 is a typical calculation, (non calculator) that students constantly get wrong. A teacher should be able to respond to a class need far better than an outside speaker even at &pound;800 a day.
  9. We used to with a small group of students - effect? Immeasurable because we were doing so much more in class at the time. School has no money for it now.
    Never! We have two examiners in the department [I'm one of them [​IMG]] and we do it ourselves - all the time, all year, every time a topic is covered .... the pupils get the messages sent, mostly...
    Is this a good time to mention that, as I am retiring shortly, I AM available to offer my expertise at a favourable TES-forum-reader's rate plus expenses anywhere in the North West & Midlands regions.
    Seriously! OK - I'll put it on Market Place if you prefer......

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