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Year 11 Controlled Assessment

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by esser1, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Am Head of faculty and am doing an audit of my departments. Could someomone please tell me when you start your controlled assessments in Year 11?

  2. Am Head of faculty and am doing an audit of my departments. Could someomone please tell me when you start your controlled assessments in Year 11?

  3. 'Controlled assessment' in art is what used to be called 'coursework'. It is started in year 10 and runs through to year 11.
    Hope this information helps.
  4. hello if it is AQA art & Design, You can issue the paper on your first lesson with your students during the first week back in January<u>check out</u>[/b]''External assessment
    40% of the total marks
    Marked out of 80
    <u>10 hours of sustained focused study

    Students respond to their chosen starting point.
    Question papers can be issued to students from 1 January in the year of the exam.
    <u>Unlimited preparation time</u> and 10 hours of supervised time.

    A response to all assessment objectives is required.
    Work presented is marked by the centre and moderated by AQA.''Students can work on External set task until May but allow yourself time to mark and send off marks by EDI /Post by <u>End of MAY</u>&ldquo;<font face="Calibri">The sustained period of focused study </font>&ndash; Candidates will produce a personal outcome in response to their chosen starting point. The period of focused study should take place under the conditions for practical examinations set out in JCQ Instructions for conducting examinations. The first session should be at least two hours. Centres may timetable the remaining eight hours at their own discretion. Work completed during this period must be the candidate&rsquo;s own unaided work. Centres should ensure that the work completed during the supervised sessions is kept under secure conditions between sessions. Candidates may continue to produce preparatory studies between sessions if they wish to do so.&rsquo;&rsquo;any other queries please dont hesitate to email me privately via this site.

  5. spikelshovel

    spikelshovel New commenter


    CONTROLLED ASSESSMENT is ongoing from the start of year 10 or the beginning of the GCSE if you run a different curriculum model.

    this is what students will do in almost every lesson (unlike other subjects!)

    the previous poster appears to have this confused with the EXAM, this is handed out any time after January cumulating in a 10 hour exam which must be completed before final grade submission to the exam board. the exam has no set dates, these are to be set by your centre.

    (pretty much all the work students do will be submitted as controlled assessment)

    hope this helps

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