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Year 11 BTec Nightmare

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by dangrantley, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Just started a new timetable at school. Got a year 11 BTec class with about 8 boys who to me seem impossible to deal with. Started off hard, or so I thought but these boys are relentless. Have been phoning home and contacting tutors but the type of boys I have are the kind who have parents which are difficult to get hold of. What would you do to sort this out? Want to make an impact before the end of term to help ease me into next year.
  2. Speak to someone who knows them and find out their modus operandi.
    One boy might respond well to his parents being involved. Another might need a huge bo11ocking and be fine. Another might need to be excluded from your lesson once. Another might need constant encouragement and help with work. All will need positivity and a good relationship with you. Make sure it is very clear what needs to be done - have a tick chart of work on the wall so they know easily what they have to do and how much is left to do.
    Once you have established how each of them operate, work out a system which will achieve this, Get them to choose a reward they would like (a phone call home, a queue jump pass for the canteen, a packet of smarties) and then work on that.
    This side of the holidays I would find out as much about them as possible, and find out which parents it is worth busting a gut to get in. Then spend a bit of time at the end of the holidays, when you're feeling more creative and energetic, to devise your Master Plan!
    Good luck. Taking over a Y11 class is never easy. Having just finished with my Y11 year group, I can't think of any teachers who really successfully took over a class at the end of Y10. They're just a bit too long in the tooth to mould completely. But they will bend and be flexible to an extent, so don't give up.
  3. There are some good ideas there. Last period Friday lessons with our btec bottom sets were dvd/documentarys. You just would not get anything out of them. *sigh*.
    However, a colleague has some yr 10's and there is a class agreement of two good lessons and then they get a dvd lesson. Its been hard graft and if she is away for just one week they revert back to a rabble. But it does work and they respond to knowing what they have to do and by when to earn that dvd lesson.
  4. This is insane and this attitude is why you are having problems in my opinion. You are effectively telling them that if they behave for 2 classes then they can avoid any work in the third by having a DVD on. This is not a good motivational policy. If you want to turn the group around you should be encouraging them to want to learn and achieve, not to avoid having to do any work, you should remove this agreement immediately. If you had a parent that had made an agreement with their child that if they behaved at school for 2 days in a row they didn't need to attend on the third would you find this acceptable? If I found out a ridiculous incentive such as the above was happening in either of my departments I would be taking serious action with the members of staff in question. Shoving students in front of a DVD is not behaviour management, what if they don't behave for 2 classes? Does this mean the 'privilege' of not having to do any work is removed? You'll never get them working successfully with things such as this in place.
  5. Year 11? Are they still with you?

    Consistency will get you there.....eventually. What have you tried already and what sort of behaviour are we talking about?

    Can you give some more information about the specifics of the problem, e.g. low level disruption, aggressive behaviour, general insolence etc.

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