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Year 11 and La Haine?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by awalkden77, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. I am about to start the "social issues" topic with Year 11 and would like to show them La Haine as a diversion/revision of the topic. We have watched quite a lot of films together since Year 8 but it's been ages since I saw La Haine. It is a 15 cetificate but will it be suitable? All the forums seem to be for A level.

    Thanks for any/all input.
  2. steveglover

    steveglover New commenter

    This is a bit previous but the film of "No et Moi" is due out on DVD at the end of March. This has been a very popular novel in France and even got into the Richard and Judy book club listing. That deals with the issues around homelessness and I think would appeal to year 11's. Maybe for next year![​IMG] If there are kids going on to A level it would also maybe spoil the surprise if they end up in a college where La haine is being studied at A2.
  3. mpillette

    mpillette New commenter

    Do you know 'La journée de la jupe' (with Isabelle Adjani, no less)? Among other things it has an interesting pedigree as it started its life as a TV film (on Arte) but drew so much attention that it ended up in cinemas. Seemingly about a teacher who loses the plot in a school 'dans un quartier sensible', but you discover towards the end that other themes come into it.

    Pour tous publics, as far as I can tell from my DVD.
  4. The movie Welcome is very powerful. About illegal immigrants trying to cross the Channel and their relationships with the local population. It is so powerful that the law changed after the movie created a huge controversy.
    The actors are excellent, especially Vincent Lindon.

  5. steveglover

    steveglover New commenter

    It's the film I was suggesting No et Mie- there are one or two extracts out on youtube-it's out at the end of March. We've done literature resources for the book on alevelfrench.com and will be following suit with the film as soon as it comes out. The translation even made it onto the Richard and Judy booklist and Delphine de Vigan was interviewed by them.

  6. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    I completely beg your pardon, I didn't read the original post properly, so it was! I was sure we were talking books and not films on here, my mistake!

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