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Year 10 GCSE Food help needed as an NQT

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by s.oldacre, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Hi Im going to be an NQT from september teaching AQA GCSE Food to Year 10.My HoF wants me to come up with an in depth SOW for this september that will be taught in one single and one double lesson a week.I've got the specification from AQA and the textbooks but not really sure where to start?Does anyone have any SOW I could have a look at as a starting point?
  2. Look at resources on the TES and at helenhudspith - you will find lots there. I teach OCR so not much use I'm afraid.
  3. menissy

    menissy New commenter

    if you going with AQA, best place to start is the detailed specification on what they need to learn first, then get a SOW to fit round it.

  4. Am sure that in the info AQA provide there's a SOW that you can use. Send me your e mail address. and I'll send you some information.
  5. Hi, Edexcel have a editable Food Tech SOW on their website, may not be not exactly what you want, but certainly worth a look at, and as you can edit it, it may solve your problem!

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