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Year 10 form losing battle

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by muso2, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. muso2

    muso2 Occasional commenter Community helper

    Feeling pathetic! I've been teaching for years, had vertical tutor groups and numerous different year groups, inc year 11 last year. The odd glitch, but mostly okay.

    New year 10 group, lots of chatty, arrogant boys (and really really quiet girls) Talk all the time then say I'm picking on them. I set detentions, they miss them, or come and promise they'll be better then aren't. They sit in the wrong seat then have to be told 5 times to move, throw things, refuse to turn around, argue with the most basic instructions, etc.

    there are some lovely kids in the group and I feel like I never get chance to support them because I'm always dealing with poor behaviour.

    i've tried being really strict with waiting for silence and sanctioning those who are holding things up. Have tried being really positive. Tried doing lots of group discussion things so I can 'divide and conquer'.

    but really feel like I am doing the opposite of conquering! Please forgive the rant/moan - and if you have pearls of wisdom for someone losing perspective and the will to persevere, please share!

  2. EmmyCD

    EmmyCD New commenter

    Make use of your HOY or some other form of pastoral authority for the year. Get SLT in and don't be afraid to do so. Call home, meetings with parents. Be consistent and don't let anything go. I've got the same battle with my Y10 form at the moment. Getting there slowly but surely.
  3. muso2

    muso2 Occasional commenter Community helper

    Thank you. Hod and deputy were both out ill or on courses last week but have asked for them to come in to support next week so that I can talk to some individuals. So hard to be consistent when you're tired and crazy busy, but must keep going. Thanks again and good luck with yours too!

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