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Year 1 - writing own story quick question!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by star17, May 14, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone, I am an NQT teaching Year 1. We're currently doing the 'Stories about Fantasy Worlds' unit and have looked at Finding Nemo as an example of a story set in a fantasy world (I know not the best example but fitted in with other topic stuff...) I want the pupils to use the character of Nemo and the same setting but think of a new story whereby Nemo has a different problem which is then solved. Bit confused as to how I will structure this and wanted some advice on a few points.
    They will be planning their story on a story mountain so introduction, build up, problem, resolution and ending. Would I get them to act out their story first in groups (so have 4 groups - and each group decides their own story) and then they write it up on a Story Mountain the following day? Or other way around? How would I model planning and writing the first part of their story when each group's story is different, as normally used to planning a new story as a 'whole class', and therefore, modelling is easy as everyone is writing about the same thing.
    Sorry if sounds obvious. Have just got in a bit of a muddle!
  2. Anybody able to advise?
  3. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    At this stage in the year my year 1's are planning their own stories, rather than a group story.
    Whole class teaching is based around planning and writing a class story using the same format as their individual stories will be.
    I would probably spend several lessons on the planning - whole class - lots of partner talk and discussion to fill in class story mountain bit by bit each lesson. The children would complete their own story mountain over several lessons, including lots of oral retelling using their story mountains and possibly some drama and role play to generate initial ideas for the sorts of problems Nemo may encounter and how they could be solved.
    Then I would model writing the class story form the plan, taking ideas form children and highlighting aspects they could put in their story. Then they would write their own stories following their plans.
    I tend to use boxes and arrows for planning rather than story mountain and tell them I expect at least 2 sentences for each box as they write their story (less able 1 sentence), I guess this would work for a story mountain too.
  4. thepinkrachael

    thepinkrachael New commenter

    In a similar way to Comenius, we usually spend a week or so on a story reading, retelling, sequencing, discussing characters etc etc and the following week planning and writing our own story. And agree that by this point mine are all writing individual stories, although my LA sometimes plan together during the week and use the same plan and ideas to write from.
    We spend the first half of the week sharing ideas as a class, talking partners, group work etc. taking it a part at a time, so first we discuss and work on ideas for beginning then they all go and plan their beginnings, the following day work on the middle and then they begin to plan that, followed by the ending. Included in this is lots of role play, work with puppets and oral telling of their stories. I tell them their plans only need to be a sentence or 2 to help them remember what's happening. On the Friday we use our plans to write our story. We do use a story mountain, but have also used story boards which worked well.
  5. Thanks so much feel a lot clearer now.

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