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Year 1 - Writing Assessment Ideas???

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Miss.hendo, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Miss.hendo

    Miss.hendo New commenter


    Next week I am going to assess my year 1 children in their writing. They struggle with finding ideas on what to write and lack imagination. Has anyone got any great ideas in what they think would work well, I want the children to reach their full potential in their writing and have been thinking about ideas such as writing about a Favorite toy or cartoon character.

    Any one have any other ideas that have worked well???

    Thank you x
  2. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    I would get them to adapt a well known story suck as Goldilocks and the three bears. Change the characters, food, villian etc. They will already know the structure of the story so can 'go to town' hee hee on their description and creative writing.
  3. What have you been teaching? We assess an independent piece at the end of a unit. This term the independent piece was a recount of a visit that we went on at the end of our recounts unit. Year 1 children are unlikely to come up with much if you say tell me about your favourite toy or character. What a strange and random thing to do!
  4. Agreed. Assess pieces at the end of a unit of work where the children have had lots of immersion in the writing and plenty of time to build up and generate ideas.
  5. I agree, we always assess at the end of a topic. We have retold the Three Little Pigs, the children have made their own Going on a Santa Hunt to fit with stories with repeating patterns, they are going to write a recount of the school visit next term to fit in with our recount work.
    You wouldn't teach shape, space and measure, then assess handling data. It doesn't make sense.
  6. I gave mine a picture of a beach hut last week. the door was open and there was a boat outside. I gave about 10 mins input asking the children to describe it then we talked about who it might belong to. was the owner inside? what were they doing etc. they came up with some fantastic ideas.

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