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year 1 weekly timetables

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sunnyyellow, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. I am interested in weekly timetables for year one classes. Pupils are a mix of F/Stage levels and N/Curriculum levels though all year 1.
  2. Waiguoren

    Waiguoren Occasional commenter

    Hello - if you like, I'd be happy to email you mine. Would you like to post your email address?
  3. Please could you send me your weekly timetable. I'm due to start in year 1 in sept! Thanks a lot in advance.

  4. I am moving from 3/4 to 1/2 in September and this would be very useful

  5. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    When I taught year 1 this was my timetable - I had 3 adults

    Monday - Friday am

    9.00 - 9.20 - morning maths

    9.20 - 11.40 - maths and english groups running alongside each other (1 group maths, 1 group english for about 20mins/half an hour then swop, the rest used CP, challenges and outdoor area)

    11.40 - 12.00 - phonics

    12.50 - 2.45ish - topic work - included all other subjects plus PE twice a week and RE once a week (church school!) 2 groups worked at a time with an adult the rest accessed CP and challenges.

    After Easter I built in an independent group each day in English as well.
  6. NQT1986

    NQT1986 Occasional commenter

    Would I be able to see a copy as well, please? I'm joining y1 this year and would appreciate seeing a structure!

  7. Me too I'm starting year 1 this September and need help!!!

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