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Year 1 tuition

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by dc88, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. You shouldn't really be doing worksheets with a year 1 child. Teach the basics, in an interactive way (e.g. Dominoes for number bonds)
  2. Hi,
    This website has lots of useful free resources for year 1. There are practical games and activities as well as some worksheets and also assessment sheets.
    I hope they are useful.
    Best Primary Teaching Resources
    Best of luck!
  3. brilliant thanks for your help. Does anyone have any ideas on how to structure an hour...I thought phonics games, then some reading, spellings, maybe a maths game, and a homework sheet. And secondly, what government publications do you think I need to get my hands on before I start? Letters and sounds?
    Thank you!
  4. I am a parent of a Y1 child - and an hour would be long time for him to focus on work - so I would make it a fun as possible. we just did tricky word bingo tonight - found in on the TES resources.
    Also I would guess although I could be wrong that a Y1 child that is having a tutor is stuggling so I would guess basics
  5. CathySupply

    CathySupply New commenter

    You'd think so ... but I'm tutoring a child who's just turned 4 because the (very wealthy) parents want to make sure he gets into the infant department of the local selective independent school. I did have mixed feelings about this but reasoned:
    1. If not me, then someone possibly less scrupulous (a friend calls this the arms dealer's argument!)
    2. It's their money, their choice and it's not for me to judge (not sure about this one!!)
    3. It's the only work I've been offered during school hours.
    He does brilliantly, actually - sitting happily for almost an hour without signs of restlessness. I do lots and lots of very short activities: reading to him, letting him 'read' to me, a bit of phonics, writing his name and very early handwriting patterns, sorting and matching, threading, puzzles ... I think the trick is to make it not look like 'work' but like something grown-ups do!
  6. didn't mean to sound critical - just a bit thrown that people want tutation for such young children - not your fault -
  7. Want what now?
  8. I send out a CD off Reading and Spelling Resources that were made for dyslexic children but can be used for any pupil. Email for a list of the resources as well as some examples.
    email: margaret2612@btinternet.com
    website: www.helpingdyslexia.co.uk

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