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Year 1 transition

Discussion in 'Primary' started by schlairtay, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. hi, have just read through all your ideas for transition....really useful!!

    any chance you could email me any plans for the first term that you have?? would really appreciate any help!!

  2. Met with my KS1 co-ord today and doing it different again from last year, less 'planning' as such and more providing learning experiences through play that link to NC. Lit and Numeracy still the same as anyone planning from framework im guessing. Will email a sample of topic planning - its simply using QCA however and we are ditching that this year because its so boring!!!!!!! Going to go back to original NC doc and planning experiences from there based around what children opt to learn about e.g. Pirates, Animals, Doctor who, Ben 10 etc. Our topic plans will be very basic from what i understand and more highlighting NC and ELG documents and annotating/filling out weekly grids. Feeling very lucky to be able to work this way i know many schools wouldnt like it - no medium term plans because the children dont know what they want to learn next Spring/Summer! [​IMG]
  3. After speaking to my head today I think this is the way forward for my school too. We have a Focus Skills booklet, that lists all the skills that need to be covered in each area- we can then basically teach anything the children are interested in, as long as the skills are covered. To start with me and the other yr 1/2 are going to use the qca schemes given just as a guide as both NQTs and never taught in KS1 before, but then hopefully will be developing a more cross-curricular, creative curriculum!
  4. Hi reezaree,

    I will be teaching Y1 next year and also would like to use a more cross-curricular, creative curriculum. Your Focus Skills booklet sounds really interesting-I wonder if you would share?

    My E-Mail is jjd535@live.co.k

    if you are willing-I would also love to share any plans/ ideas throughout the year-the same goes for anyone else who might be interested.
  5. winni1

    winni1 New commenter

  6. Hi all, I am off on holiday now for a few weeks, but when I get back and in school will look through the skills booklet and see what there is and share my ideas and plans. Am always happy to share, makes it a bit easier on us all! Post soon.
  7. Thanks hpycroft for all your help [​IMG] im finding this thread so helpful!
    I'd also be interested in seeing the skills booklet if you wouldnt mind sharing:

    This isn't really "transition" related but as there are lots of Y1 teachers here i thought i might get the best answers here [​IMG] Do any of you have/plan to have a "Challenge Area" in your classroom?
    It's something i'm very keen to have this year but i can't decide whether to have 1 challenge area/table...or whether to put challenge "cards" and different challenges in different areas? (e.g. a maths related challenge in the maths area....construction related challenge near the Lego etc!?)
    Also...Should i leave it completely up to the children to choose whether they complete a challenge? or should i direct them to complete so many (how many i dont know yet! lol) on a given day/week?
    So far...i'm leaning towards having a "challenge area/table" (i'm going to use the Wizard themed challenge cards from **********) ...and perhaps 1 literacy and 1 maths challenge that all children must complete at some point (they can choose when) throughout the day/week....and either have a tick sheet for them to tick off their names when they've completed the challenge...or something like an "i completed a challenge" tray/box for them to put any evidence that they have done the challenge! and then maybe have an optional selection of additonal challenges that they can choose to complete if they want to? (i know some of my higher ability group will be very keen on this!!) and they can also put the completed challenge in the tray when finished..and we will find a little slot in the day/week to have a look as a whole class (maybe a team point sticker for those who choose to complete extras!)
    How does that sound? As i will be teaching the same class of children (i had them as Reception last year!) in the same classroom...i'm keen for them to develop how they use certain areas in the classroom (i have a group of "lego boys" who only ever make the same thing with construction toys for example... so i'd like to do lots of "construction challenges" (e.g. make a house for the 3 little pigs...can you make a boat that floats etc....as well as some challenges to encourage my reluctant writers (e.g. can you make a car out of lego...and make a number plate for it/list which bricks you used etc) I'm hoping setting some challenges might help! [​IMG]
    I'm interested to hear any opinions/or to find out if you plan to do anything similar/or already do it!


  8. I have 1 challenge area to start off with that lasts for the week
    and have a tick sheet the children must complete, they know they have to do it by the end of the week. i put it in one area
    of continuous provision then change the area the week after. i
    encourage the children to share their work with a friend or show me/TA.
    i make it last for a week because of everything else it helps the
    children have time to do it.
    to make Y1 more 'formal' i also use
    the 'talking postcards' from TTA that tell the children what i would
    like them to do in each area so they know they have to do what i want
    them to do
  9. I'm planning to have challenges in my class this year, one in each CP area linked to our first theme 'Me and My World'. When children are not working with either me or TA in a session they will be expected to complete a challenge. Challenge work will go on challenge display table/in challenge tray and this will be randomly selected from for showing at the end of a session/morning/afternoon as appropriate. Models/DT will need a label and/or caption before it can go on completed challenge table. All children who complete a challenge will receive a challenge ticket to be posted in challenge box and drawn from at the end of the week. Children can complete as many challenges as they like each week and I will adapt these as necessary as the week progresses for children who have completed them, or give extensions.
    This will be my first time running CP properly in my class, I dipped into it last year but didn't get off to a flying start. I'm very determined this year and am doing so much research to ensure it doesn't fail.
    I have ordered some little talking tins to record challenges on which will go next to displayed learning objective in each area.
  10. Thank you both for your replies, it's really helpful to see how others do things [​IMG]
    I think i'm going to initally go with the idea that they must each complete 1 literacy and 1 numeracy challenge each week...and then if they want to do any extra challenges then it's up to them [​IMG]
    blackspots...what do you children get the challenge tickets for? is it like a raffle where you draw a ticket at the end of the week and they can win a prize?
    I've just had a look at the talking postcards..they seem a bit expensive [​IMG]
    I've got a couple of talk tins..i was given them last term but never got around to trying them out! however, another teacher at my school couldnt get the ones we were sent to work properly (once she had recorded she couldnt delete it and re-record!) so im not sure mine are very good [​IMG]

  11. forgot to add....
    aacordu2...when you said you use the talking postcards to tell them what to do in each area...what sort of thing do you record/tell them to do?
  12. I like the challenge area idea, ive seen them on ********** and fancied giving it a go and think this year is the year! Ive bought alot of things for £1 today that are great for a challenge area, particulary to develop fine motor skills in that first half term...a few of mine are still very poor with this - bought things like a childs knitting kit, bracelet making, threading, jigsaws (and 3D jigsaws!)...

    I can't remember who said about having a 'challenge' in Numeracy and Literacy area...i tried this last year with a tick list but it only lasted about a month....i found i had so much to do maintaining the other areas that i couldnt get around to putting new challenges in every week and checking all children had done them and chasing them up on a friday.....i also found if you made the children do them (i.e. do this before the end of the week) then they'd rush it and not really think about it so they could go and play where they wanted, didnt get the best out of them. Saying that i will give the specific 'challenge area' a shot but not sure whether to make it compulsary yet! Oh and a tip if you are going to put something to do in each area that must be completed is plan it now - you know your literacy and numeracy topics - plan it now and give it to a TA! Get them to photocopy/set up challenge while your in assembly/during register - wish i did that and maybe it wouldnt have failed!!!! [​IMG]
  13. I heard an idea on a course about talking tins - put them in the reading corner/small world area....children love to record their own stories! Can play to the class during a plenary maybe even with finger puppets etc...
  14. the talking tins are quite sturdy, you have to make sure the children dont record over them though! if i have pur numbered shells in the sand i will ask them 'can you put the shells in the right order' or if i have put a split pin man on a table i will ask them 'can you put the man back together again?'
  15. talking postcards i mean!
  16. thought i would bump this thread back up! [​IMG]

    i might try the talking tins in the reading corner! sounds like a good idea!
    Any other ideas for making the reading corner more "appealing"?...to begin with last year some of my class were in there quite a bit...but it seemed to lose appeal and by the end of the year it was very unusual to find a child reading a book in the book corner! It's not even near the role-play area...but for some reason the book corner always seemed to get "turned into something"...eg, often a police station! [​IMG] I usually ended up booting them out and telling them its for reading books (not standing all over the cushions and pushing people up against the books whilst you arrest them!! lol)
    I have cushions and a rug in there but not much else (apart from books obviously!) anything else i can add to make it more appealing?

  17. I can tell you what my book corner is like...they've been very good with it all year really!

    I have seethrough blue drapes from ikea - children see it as more private and pull the drapes across to read when they are in there! (naturally i can see through them so no mischief goes on!).

    I have permanant books and then a box of books linked to the topic that gets changed as the topic changes (alonside books in EVERY area of provision...that isnt a messy one!). I have magnetic whiteboards and magnetic letters, puppets, whiteboards and pens, teddies to read stories too, cussions, a large rectangular seat with built in cusion if they dont want to sit on the floor....some children play teacher with this seat, acting out a story time with the children sat on the floor....saying that they tend not to read the book just pretend too. Have CVC and CCVC letter flip charts (not sure what theyre called!).
    I was in Aldi one day and came across some 3D books, came with 3D glasses - they were fantastic, glasses were only made of card so got broke quite quickly but was the busiest i had ever seen book corner! Im thinking of buying some plasic sunglasses and making my own 3D glasses with coloured celophane because now i have perfectly good 3D books but no glasses....not sure if it will work though!
  18. Thanks hpycroft, your book corner sounds great [​IMG]
    I almost bought some of those ikea drapes a few weeks ago! (i think they were about £6..you hang it from the ceiling? Is has a sort of hoop shape bit at the top...is that what you mean?) The only reason i didnt is that im not sure how well it would fix to my ceiling..and also, where my book corner currently is, if i hung up drapes, it would block the view of 2 of my display boards[​IMG] Although i'm thinking of moving it to another place in the room! So might buy some and give it a go!
    I have all the other resources you mentioned...but theyre not in my book corner! So perhaps i will move them in and see how that works! (i currently have magentic letters, whiteboards etc on my writing table)..i might put some puppets in as they were quite into making their own puppets and creating puppet shows near the end of last term!
    To be honest i could do with some new/nicer cushions too...but i always seem to be spending a small fortune of my own money on things for my classroom![​IMG]
    your 3D books sound great! Give the glasses making a go and see if it works! [​IMG]
    oooh one more question...what do you store all these resoucres in when theyre in your book corner? I'm just thinking that i dont think i have that much room for storage in mine!

  19. Drapes are ones that go on a curtain rail with loops on the top - ive stapled string across the circle to make a triangle against the corner if that makes sense! children can pull them along the string and back. I have one square display board on one side of the corner and windows on the other so only blocks one board but i made that board relevant to book corner - HFWs, character profiles etc (or an RE display....that sounds bad to hide it away but its perfect size for a small display!).

    I know what you mean about spending a small fortune, i have a limit of what i buy but my classroom has just been striped bare by previous class teacher so i had nothing! she even took my desk!!! lol!!! Luckily i have two book storage tables, ones square shaped with 4 spaces for books and the rectangular one has three spaces for books - this is the one i store whiteboards, puppets etc in, i label each space so the resources get put back in the right place (most of the time!). If you dont have much space just use plastic boxes/baskets or them cheap plastic draws.

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