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Year 1 transition

Discussion in 'Primary' started by schlairtay, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. sara2323

    sara2323 New commenter

    The only problem I find with C.P is that sometimes my objective has to be extended to two days, as I never get through all four groups in one session.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get through all 4 groups in one lesson? the previous teacher also taught the same object over 2 days and I feel that I may not be able to get through all the units over the year! I have tried working with 1 group for 15 minutes and then the second group for 15 minutes, whilst the TA works with two SEN children and then the rest of her group, however this means we have one remaining group and no plenary!
  2. Bumping up this thread because it has been soooooo useful. It's taken me 4 hours to read through (and follow up suggested links) but it's been time well spent.
  3. Can I ask about covering FSP in Y1.

    If a child has achieved less than 6 FSP for an area, then they should continue with it in Y1 until they achieve 6, is that correct?

    Would that be the case for EVERY area of the FSP? Or just the Literacy and Maths areas?
  4. Thought I'd bump this thread up as it seems really useful for those people like me moving into year 1. :)
  5. In what way is it useful? FSP is a series of vague statements, it is not a black and white checklist to give each child a licence that allows them entry to Year 1. Read the FSP, forget it and move on.
  6. Lots of earlier posts about how others have structured year 1 to differentiate between reception and year 1, continuous provision in year 1, how others group their pupils etc, etc. Thought it might be worth a look for others like me who are struggling to get their heads around certain aspects.
  7. These posts have been very very helpful! As a NQT who started in Jan in a Year One I have decided to develop and start continuous provision in my classroom with the children coming in in september, half way though my NQT year, pretty scary!!

    I was just wondering if anyone could explain or show me what they write on the written plan for continuous provision in their year one classroom, as I cannot find an example to look at. [​IMG]
  8. As people have already commented, this thread has been incredibly helpful - thanks to everyone! I am a NQT going to be teaching a mixed Year 1/2 class of 27. My question is, I would like to treat the whole class exactly the same and allow them all access to the CP areas whilst I am working with groups. Is this justified within the NC? Will my Year 2s benefit from this or be hindered? The teacher before me taught in a more formal, KS2 like way, so I need to make sure I can justify the changes I am making. Thanks for any comments.
  9. Hi, please could you send me any samples you have of autumn term year1 transition planning for literacy, as really struggling- not taught EYFS and first time having to do transition. many thanks. you can email me at bunternoble@sky.com.
  10. Hi, Just bumping this thread as it has been the most useful thing that I have read regarding how to teach my Year 1 and 2 class! I am a NQT and have had a great first 2 weeks! I am teaching topic in the afternoon using areas of CP and guided groups. It has worked really well. However, I need reassurance from experienced teachers that it is OK for my Year 2s to be accessing this kind of learning. I am trialling CP in KS1 as previously they were taught in a more formal way. For example, does there come a point when I need to stop the Year 2s from going over to Reception and accessing child initiated Outdoor Play? I have currently set up the class so that three times a week this is happening for 20 minute time slots. I am doing it mainly for the transition of my Year 1s, but I have a strong belief in treating my mixed Year 1 and 2s as a whole class rather than as separate year groups (they are all so young, I'm not sure they would understand if only some were allowed 'out to play' and others weren't). If anyone has any advice about my worries, it would be gratefully received. Thanks.
  11. Y1 and 2 teach through the use of indoors and outdoors CP at our school. If you plan for it and use it to do work and observations and can explain or justify WHY you are doing it then go for it!
  12. Well done for getting your first job!

    I am now in FS but I would use the end of foundation stage profile (scale points) tracker to see which areas the children still need to work on, perhaps highlight the sheet with the ones they are missing (if the previous teacher hasn't filled this in & has just used the eprofile) You then need to slowly start filling in your APP grids!

    For the 1st week I would do a lot of getting to know you, the room & routine activities, and don't plan too much as you will find they take a while to settle in. Things like paintings, photos for displays? Working in the different areas with an adult so they know the rules & routines there?

    In Y1 I used to setup the CP at the beg of the week & set a 'challenge' for them in each area which I expected them to do, I would record these on a talking postcard so the children could remind themselves & leave a digiblue cam for them to take a photo. I would have 15-20 min literacy 'carpet time' then I would work with a group, a TA would work with a group and the other groups would access the CP then when we had finished we would swap and at the end talk to the children about what they did in the CP. I would do numeracy the following day.

    Hope this makes sense???
  13. clare1117

    clare1117 New commenter

    I just want to say that this has been a really useful thread to read. Thank you all for the advice and tips. I am moving to Y1 in September and cannot wait. I have a huge list of things to do now...
    Does anyone know anything about the change to EYFS framework in September (not even sure if it is the framework but EYFS colleagues keep talking about it and I'm clueless)?
  14. Hi, I have just been reading a lot of your posts and I am finding them very interesting. I was wondering if you have any pictures of how your classroom is set up? I am going into Year 1 after 5 years in reception and just wonder what you have in the CP to challenge the more able children . Our school is a 2 form entry and classes are set from Y1 upwards. I am wondering what your thoughts would be for set 1 (more able childen who left rec with profile points 7-9)
    Hope you can help
  15. Like most posters on here, this has been the best thread I've ever read! Shame it's from so long ago - hypcroft is probably a head somewhere by now! Or at least should be! I've just moved from Year 5 to Year 1 and have struggled with it! Peaks and troughs but it's not helped by the lack of advice from my colleague and my TA who thinks she knows everything after her one year of being a TA (with a Nursery trained NQT). It's going to be a hell of a year but I hope I can be back on here next year and offer some advice! After 6 weeks I still haven't worked out if I'm doing the right thing in terms of planning, playing etc. Here's to next year!
  16. Hi all, seen so much great advice on here so thank you everyone!

    I have taught two years in Reception and moving to Year 1 in September. I have a class of 30 and no TA at all, just myself eek! The school has no real transition at all in place and so I'm completely starting from scratch. Just wondering if anyone has any tips for getting around each group as part of Lit/ Num as most seem to suggest working with one, while TA works with another and remaining 2 are with CP? It will just be me alone and worry that I have to meet all objectives and so can't spend 2 days when most would do it in 1.

    Also my classroom is a rather small space, does anyone else have this problem and how have they provided successful CP?

    Determined to make a real go of it from the beginning, just need some ideas to keep me busy this summer!

    Thanks everyone :)

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