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Year 1 transition

Discussion in 'Primary' started by schlairtay, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. schlairtay

    schlairtay New commenter

    Am trying to get my head around the 'transition' into year 1...have read a few posts of how people organise their sessions, leading one group at a time whilst other groups have various tasks...but just wondered - do you still do a whole class session/input to start off? or just do an input with one group at a time??
    finding it all v confusing, don't know where to start!! [​IMG]
  2. schlairtay

    schlairtay New commenter

    Am trying to get my head around the 'transition' into year 1...have read a few posts of how people organise their sessions, leading one group at a time whilst other groups have various tasks...but just wondered - do you still do a whole class session/input to start off? or just do an input with one group at a time??
    finding it all v confusing, don't know where to start!! [​IMG]
  3. Hiya
    Yes I still do a short whole class input of around 15 mins!
    Emma x
  4. schlairtay

    schlairtay New commenter

    Is your input linked to the strategy? sorry if thats a silly question i'm so confused ha! x
  5. I always do whole class input, gradually building up the time spent on carpet prepping for Y2. I only have two work tables and 10 areas of provision which the children choose from if they are not at one of the tables. [​IMG]
  6. schlairtay

    schlairtay New commenter

    thanks hpycroft - how often do you change the areas of provision?? x
  7. Yes I link it to the strategy and ELG's
    I have two tables too - for focus work and then I do have tables in my CP areas, which are always the same throughout the year but the activities within them change.
    Em x
  8. Usually half termly. Roleplay gets changed twice a half term - it is a really big job. I have just finished my NQT year and the other year 1 teacher was also an NQT so we did it all blind, transition had never been in place before.
    We have a new KS1 co-ord who was also EYFS co-ord last year and shes reccomended that we hand out more responsibilities to TAs which is how they do it in the foundation unit. We have 4 TAs (1 qualified, 3 students) so we are handing out areas to be resposible for changing and restocking next year. So instead of me changing 10 areas i will do say 2 or 3, and TAs 2 etc....hopefully i will spend less time making sure areas are all enhanced and can focus on teaching [​IMG]
  9. schlairtay

    schlairtay New commenter

    ok thanks... i have so much to learn!! x
  10. oh and small world gets changed every 2 weeks usually to fit with Literacy work. Try and place your small world near writing area then if they get an urge to write what theyve just acted out its right there (i know its unlikely haha!). [​IMG]
  11. no probs i was identical to you this time last year!!!! Do you have a consultant for Y1 transition at your LA? Mine has been an absolute star, she came in and helped set up areas and was fab for ideas...deff worth a look into!
  12. schlairtay

    schlairtay New commenter

    ooo well you never know ha, good idea! I'm going to have to write all this down... thank goodness for this site! [​IMG]
  13. schlairtay

    schlairtay New commenter

    oh i don't know but i'll try and find out... i hope so as i'd love some guidance and ideas, thanks for that i hadn't thought to find out ! x
  14. theres quite a few posts on here for transition, maybe on early years, just type it in the search box and they should pop up.
    i've been on a few courses which have said that for the 1st term you should try to carry on reception style practise using continuous provision but with NC objectives for most of them, where the children are free to explore. however it needs to be more structured so they do what you want them to do in the different areas. i use those 'talking postcards' from TTS, you can record a message so the children can listen to what they have to do.
    i do literacy one morning and numeracy the next. me and my TA usually have a group each and rotate the children in the provision so all groups do the same work ensuring quality work rather than quantity. i change my CP objectives & activities each week so they relate to lit, num, phonics & topic work for the week
    or you could use your TA to work with children in the CP while you work with groups or vice versa. sounds complicated but once you've got your head round it it works well and i have found that the children become keen to work independently more quickly as they have more self-confidence
  15. schlairtay

    schlairtay New commenter

    thanks - the talking postcards sound like a good idea, will look into that [​IMG]
  16. tick/star/smileyface

    tick/star/smileyface New commenter

    I have also found this thread really helpful - thank you. I was just wondering, someone (sorry can't remember who!) said they had 10 different activities happening at once! wow! I am new to this too, but I wondered a) how you manage/plan 10 activities and b) do they link to literacy and numeracy/topic work etc?

    thank you :)
  17. [​IMG]
    That would be me! We are actually trying for 12-13 next year...They are'nt 'activities' as such, i dont set up new ones everyday, they are areas of continuous provision.
    Roleplay Area
    Small World Area
    Writing Area
    Maths Area
    Reading Area
    ICT Area
    Sand Area
    Water Area
    Construction Area
    I want to set up outdoor play, malleable and creative (music/drama) areas next year when we have more space [​IMG]

    Its very much like our Foundation Unit, children go to the areas and are free to access the resources there. E.g. in book area i have magnetic whiteboards, puppets, books, whiteboards and pens etc and the children have free access to them, they are there pretty much permanantly (long term planning states what is in each area permanently and what outcomes they are to help work towards).

    I make the areas relevant to the topic we are doing by enhancing them which is (in my view) the most important part of continuous provision. E.g. when we had a topic of materials i put fabric, wood and metal in the workshop for the children to model with, i put lollysticks in the construction area and plastic/wooden/paper boats in water.

    It is hard to manage but i usually take one evening per topic re-enhancing each area. Next year we are lucky to have 4+ TAs (1 qualified, 3 students) to share between our 2 Y1 classes so we are sharing out responsibilities for each area between teachers and TAs. In the weekly planning meetings TAs can help come up with ideas for the areas and help plan then will be responsible for stocking and maitaining 2 areas across both Y1 classes - will hopefully take some pressure off me and fellow Y1 teacher constantly rotating areas! Its how they do it in the Foundation Unit in our school and they have 14 areas!

    Wow thats a long post! [​IMG] Any questions feel free to ask away, ive been learning from LEA consultant in R-Y1 transition since September (during NQT year) and shes been excellent!!!!!
  18. Oh and by enancing the areas i mean adding resources linked to your topic IN ADDITION to the permanant resources. [​IMG]
  19. tick/star/smileyface

    tick/star/smileyface New commenter

    wow, thank you so much hpycroft! You sound just the way I want to be! I shall be using this as a real reference for my planning! Would you mind giving me and example of one or two of your areas please? For example, as you said materials could be your topic - could you have one group sorting materials, one group working in a role play area linked to materials for example a work shop, one group working with you on a literacy activity and one group with a TA on a numeracy activity? or is it a lot more free than that? Sorry if I sound a bit silly! Just want to get everything right - and you seem to be very much in the know :) thank you . x
  20. the lancs ngfl website has Year 1 CP activities and objectives you can download http://www.lancsngfl.ac.uk/curriculum/early_years/index.php?category_id=67

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