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Year 1 to Year 2 Transition

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bigbev, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. bigbev

    bigbev New commenter

    Our year one classes worked in a very Early Years type approach last year for the first time. These children are no in Year 2 and are finding the more 'formal' teaching very hard! What do others do re Year 1/2 transition? How practical are others making lessons? Do others have role play/writing corners etc in their Year 2 rooms? Do we need to consider teacher focus activities with a selection of child choice around?
    Your help/comments/ideas would be greatly appreciated
  2. I am a Year 2 teacher... Y1/2 last year... we have continuous provision in both year groups. The children are given challenges to complete in the areas e.g. our topic is senses... make glasses, gloves in the work shop, dentist/optician/drs rolepley, Make senses non-fiction bks in writing corners etc etc..................The children love it.
    We operate a very creative curriculum and most work is practical... only writing when it is appropriate.... after practicing/developing ideas & skills practically first.

    All my children make 2 or more sub levels of progress last year.
  3. Hi bluearsedfly,
    I'm new to Y2 and had many years as a Y6 teacher and feel my practice is too formal. I am struggling with roleplay area ideas and organisation, we have moved to a creative curriculum and wonder if you have any overall plans or ideas you could send me?
  4. Bluearsedfly
    Your classroom sounds so exciting! Can you give a run-down of a typical day or week-would love to consider a more creative/practical approach but need an idea of how you would organise it-thanks.
  5. bigbev

    bigbev New commenter

    Thanks for your comments/ideas .....if anyone else has ideas/share ideas would love to hear
  6. Would love to hear how you organise yor timetable and what kind of activities you encourage, how you balance whole class teaching with the child led stuff.

    Mnay thanks!

  7. Excuse typos- am running late!
  8. Im in year 1 and we have very formal mornings with 45-50mins for lit&num (1 group working with teacher, 1 with TA and the other 3 groups working independently on lit&num activities). Our afternoons are for topic lessons and children have some free choice activities they can do after they have completed their topic work. We try and make sure that all the free choice activities we put out link to what we are learning but if the children want to go into the role play area or creative area then thats fine, we let them. As long as theyve done their topic activity first though!!

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