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Year 1 teachers: Quick maths question

Discussion in 'Primary' started by star17, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Hi everybody
    I'm an NQT in Year 1, and at risk of sounding silly, could you just clarify what this Maths assessment point means:
    Pupils can solve problems involving 1p and £1 (is an APP 1b objective according to the APP sheets we use).
    Does this mean they are able to answer word problems by choosing the right method, e.g. Jenny went to the shop and bought a chocolate bar for 5p and a lollipop for 3p how much did she spend? Or could it be a problem such as what does 1p + 1p + 1p =? Or something else entirely?

  2. It depends how you interpret it I suppose. I would take it as meaning more word problems/real life situations - but only with 1p and £1 eg "I went to the shop and bought six 1p sweets - how much did I spend?" "Can you show me enough money to buy this toy worth £12 using your pound coins"
  3. Thanks very much.

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