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Year 1 teachers are you expecting to see a rise or fall in standards with your September intake?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by The Parson New, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. As children leave FS it is time to see whether or not their time spent there has been fruitful.
  2. As children leave FS it is time to see whether or not their time spent there has been fruitful.
  3. i think a lot of the problem is the lack of parentlal support to be honest. I have both very structuresd mornings and more flexible activities and do from day 1 in my reception class. I do however believe when they come back in Sept they will have regressed somewhat as the area i work the parents have little to do with their childrne so if they were being assessed in sept on their swearing abilities and rudeness they would have a rise in this but acedemically a fall will occur. Most of my chidlren though should within reason cause standards to rise as they are used to sitting at a table and completing activities. Does that answer the question?? Im not sure!!!
  4. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    There will be an official decline. Because we have been advised to look at 6 points on the eprofile as average.

    One wonders if the early learning goals not achieved will be now set in year 1 or were they not important anyway. If anyone could find out which they were then we could maybe stop teaching them. That would cut out some of the paperwork.

    There will be a rise in reading skills soon as long as Letters and Sounds is understood.

    There will be mass confusion in other things though, as we struggle with the new framwork. There is such a lot of lovely planning on line from the government don;t you think Parson? Will you be cutting and pasting from the new framework?
  5. As a reception teacher moving up to year 1 this year I would say a rise. In reception the standards have risen over the last three years. Each year the children have been going up at better standard and the current year 1 teachers have commented on the childrens growing confidence and ability to work independantly due to the change of provision in the foundation stage over the last few years.
  6. Yes I agree a rise, children seem more independent and switched on to learning.
  7. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Our Y1 class has always used the ELGs for children who have not yet achieved them (as per QCA guidance) so it won't be anything new. I have been using Letters & Sounds for a term and my more able children are certainly further on than previous years (this may be due to L&S or just to children's abilities hard to say)Also some very able children in MD. Their PSE & PD skills are certainly higher as they are the first group to have had the advantages offered by the FSU set up. Y1 teacher has been working with them in small groups for past two weeks and is more than happy with the overall standard.
  8. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    Our year 1 wont be happy with the children........ a part from their reading which luckily for them the nursery nurse has been doing. Other then this they havent done anything but choose, so although they entered reception very able in many areas, knowing their sounds, most had already reached the ELG's in maths, having not had any maths sessions for nearly a year it will be catch up again. The yr1 reckons it takes until spring to get them how her reception children used to be when she was in reception. So it is swings and roundabouts depending on the quality of learning they have experienced.
  9. I don't understand Cinderella, why haven't they had any maths lessons for a year???
  10. As a year 1 teacher this year who is 99% sure is going to recption I wish I had the current reception in Year 1 in Septemebr as the FSP is alot higher than last year. Last years as in my class in September were very very low. Out of 30 only 5 could write their names, most were only FSP 4 if lucky oh had 2 who had reached the ELG but when they were reassessed they had not.

    Think it is a shock for everyone as I was sorting books ready for visitors next week and was looking through all their books and you soon forget what they ere like and whta ll have achieved. September is a shock. silly things like mine get their coats for hometime now in 30 seconds where as in septemebr in from play and then they had to get their coats!!!!! they get changed for P.E in next to no time where as before a P.E lesson was walking to the hall then walking back.
  11. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    because the teacher doesnt plan or deliver any maths, or much else for that matter. When asked why no K&U done said oh we dont do that till the summer.....

    nursery nurse just had to put what levels kids at for profile as teacher didnt know, as does nothing.......

    its a choosing class with nothing ever set up or planned, unless an observation is taking place.
  12. gosh cinderella1 I'm glad my daughter's not going there in september. she is so desperate to learn. the children must be so bored.
  13. Cinderella i am shocked thats dreadful,has she been teaching long? You must be so frustrated that all your good practice is not built upon in the next class.
    Our year 1 teachers will see the same fantastic children that they normally have, creative, independent thinkers who love coming to school and learning.
  14. nats would that be a bit of a generalisation? How have you managed to achieve this homogeneous mass? Did you tell them they were independent thinkers? A school where everyone is happy and keen to learn be careful or you'll end up on a primary framework video.
  15. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    So when you criticise all reception teachers that isn't a generalisation TPN?
  16. That time of year again
  17. I'm convinced the Y1 teacher receiving my class will love them. They are the most fun class I can remember having. I also hope she's pleased with their reading, writing and maths. Of course there are some strugglers, but standards are higher than in previous years.
    Of course the teacher is moving from Y4, so she may not feel the benefit!!!
  18. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    And there was I assuming TheParsonNew was BrainJim!
  19. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    It was in his religious phase InkyP he had lots of godly names

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