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Year 1 Story Lesson - Interview

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bluebela, May 14, 2011.

  1. Hey,
    I have an interview next week for which i have to teach a year 1 class - I have to read a story then provide a writing activity - 40 mins in total. I was thinking of reading Goldilocks and the three bears, model a letter, then have the children write a letter to the bears from Goldilocks saying sorry for breaking the chair etc, What do you think?
    I would be grateful of any feedback or any ideas, my mind seems to have gone blank.
    Thank You

  2. It would be an okay lesson, but it has no 'wow' factor for an interview. Also bear in mind that some Y1s will not be able to write a sentence unaided, let alone a letter.
    To give it some oomph, could you take some 'evidence' in and get them to discuss what has happened first, before reading the story? (For example, take in a broken chair, an empty porridge bowl...)
    You could get them to do a wanted poster with a focus on descriptive language.
  3. Objective needs to come first then the lesson
    Speaking and listening in prep for writing- could the children trial Goldilocks- was she naughty for breaking the chair/eating the porridge
    Hot seating/persuasive speaking??

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