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Year 1 recounts Unit 3

Discussion in 'Primary' started by erialc, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. Hi guys we are beginning this unit next week. I had hoped for the fire engine to come in for the introduction but they phoned up and cancelled today. I am hoping for some ideas that might inspire and excite the chn but its too late to book a trip?
  2. helskie26

    helskie26 New commenter

    We are also doing recounts next week after our trip tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone has a writing frame they coudl share with me as I find it structures their writing. I could make one but I thought I would just ask on here first.
  3. We're getting the police dogs in to do a display. Kids will also get to put the sirens on in the car and wear the kit.
  4. Hi pepperg
    The police dogs? HAve you paid for them to come in or are they doing it through a community partnership? We've been to the local fire station before but I like the idea of the police dogs, it'd be so exciting for the children.

  5. One of our teachers 'lost' her shopping as she arrived at school. She wrote us a letter asking us to find it, and enclosed a map of her route from the car park through the grounds to her classroom. We follwed the map to find the food, making a video and marking the map as we went. Then we wrote her a letter explaining how and where we found items. We watched our own video (which delighted the children) to remind us what we had done before writing our recount. We were able to include plenty of time sequencing language as well, which we had looked at the week before..
  6. Sounds a great idea, i know its a couple of years later but i dont suppose you have any planning do you?

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